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What To Do About Sinking Warehouse or Office Floors

When your warehouse floor is sinking, it can put your entire operation at risk: products could become damaged, machinery may underperform, and forklifts or people may have to maneuver to avoid sunken areas. You can reduce hazards and get back to efficiency by learning the common causes and solutions to sinking warehouse floors.

Why Is My Warehouse Concrete Floor Uneven?

Here in the Carolinas, warehouse floor sinking is often caused by our region’s climate. Heavy rains, long dry seasons, and even nearby hills and slopes can make the soil under your building shift, compromising the integrity of your concrete floors over time. Add heavy machinery and high foot traffic to these vulnerable conditions, and there’s no question why you may have an uneven or sinking concrete floor in your warehouse or office.

How To Fix Sinking Warehouse Floors

If your warehouse floor is sinking or uneven, call a reputable local foundation contractor right away for an inspection. Early and frequent inspections help to prevent damage to your warehouse floor. Our team at Carolina Foundation Solutions will help you identify early warning signs and protect against sinking warehouse floors and other common commercial foundation issues.

Pressure grouting is the most common solution for sinking warehouse and office floors. Also called “slab jacking,” this method injects a material (like polyurethane foam, concrete, or epoxy) into the foundation to lift the existing concrete floor. It’s typically much cheaper than replacing the floor entirely and can help prevent future foundational issues.

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The Carolina Experts in Lifting Concrete Floors

Our certified team at Carolina Foundation Solutions has a wide variety of options to repair sinking warehouse floors in North and South Carolina. We may recommend one or a combination of our commercial concrete restoration solutions depending on the severity and other factors specific to your property. 

If you find yourself in a sinking situation, contact Carolina Foundation Solutions at (877) 770-7050 for a FREE inspection today!

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