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Common Commercial Foundation Issues

For most businesses, your building is one of your biggest investments. Often containing valuable assets (including people if you have employees or tenants), it’s vital that your commercial property sturdily protects everything encased in its walls.

Foundations can be mistakenly overlooked for regular property maintenance and repair as they are “out of sight, out of mind.” However, because your property’s foundation greatly impacts the integrity of the entire building, you should prioritize a sturdy foundation to protect your most valuable assets.

To best secure your commercial property, get what’s “out of sight” back in mind by paying attention to these common warning signs for commercial foundation issues.

Cracks in the Interior or Exterior

The first warning signs of foundation failure typically come by way of cracks. Exterior cracks are easy to spot, particularly if they’ve already moved their way up the exterior brick. Watch for “stair-step” cracks or for your window frames separating from the exterior walls.

While interior cracks can be well-hidden, some signs indicate this type of foundational trouble. If you have gaps in your drywall and your moldings are separating from the walls, call a qualified foundation repair contractor right away.

Sinking, Settling, or Upheaval

Your commercial property’s foundation is intended to stay in place to steady the building. If it raises (known as foundation upheaval) or lowers itself (known as foundation settling or foundation sinking), it can put the entire structure at risk. You may notice that one side of the building is lower than the other, the center of the building seems to be sinking, or the perimeters of the foundation are moving upward.

Doors or Cabinets Seem a Bit Off

Often written off as a mere nuisance, doors that won’t open or close properly and cabinets pulling away from the wall are signs of foundation trouble. Doors may hang incorrectly or stick and drag. Gaps may appear between the walls and countertops or cabinets. A damaged foundation can cause walls, and thus other fixtures, to become uneven.

Persistent Plumbing Problems

When plumbing fails below the foundation, the supporting soil becomes compromised. If your property’s plumbing issues go beyond a simple clog, such as a burst pipe below the building’s surface can cause the foundation to shift. When water issues like this arise, it may be time to call the foundation experts.

Uneven Floors

Because your flooring sits directly on top of the foundation, changes to the floors’ integrity can signify foundation problems. Cracked tiles, splits or bunches in linoleum, or warps in wooden floors are all potential signs that you need your foundation inspected. To test whether the floors are even, try this simple trick: Place a ball on the floor. If it rolls (especially if it moves quickly!), call a foundation contractor.

What to Do About Commercial Foundation Issues

Protect your biggest investment (and all the assets it houses) by scheduling regular inspections for early prevention. Contact a professional if the warning signs here seem familiar.

If you’ve noticed foundation warning signs on your Carolina property, contact Carolina Foundation Solutions at (877) 770-7050 for a free inspection today!

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