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Reinforcing Structural Columns with Carbon Fiber

William Douglas Property Management engaged Carolina Foundation Solutions to provide lateral stability and reinforcement to several damaged structural concrete support columns in an exposed parking area beneath the 52-year-old condominium units in Charlotte, NC.

After a licensed engineer evaluated the area, 23 concrete support columns needed our means and methods to perform the recommended repairs specified in the engineer’s report.

The problems with the support columns were four-fold: horizontal cracks, missing concrete, moisture intrusion, and exposed and corroded steel reinforcement.

To solve the problems, we began using abrasive blasting with sodium bicarbonate to remove the damaged layers of the support columns and the rust to the exposed steel reinforcement. Following that process, we reformed each of the columns that needed repair to prevent further moisture intrusion.

Then, we applied carbon fiber reinforcement materials consisting of a grid reinforcement strap and two layers of epoxy directly onto the primer epoxy extending from the bottom of the structural concrete support columns up 36 inches and double wrapped per the manufacturer.

Next, we applied a second layer of epoxy material on top of the reinforcement strap, bonding with the initial layer of epoxy and the carbon fiber strap.

The process of reinforcing each structural concrete support column was repeated another 22 times until we ensured all columns were repaired to the engineer’s recommendations and William Douglas Management’s satisfaction.

If your property management company needs structural solutions, contact the foundation repair leader in the Carolinas. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your clients.

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