Retaining Wall Repair & Reinforcement in North Carolina & South Carolina

Retaining walls are a crucial tool in maintaining your landscaping and preventing damage from erosion. Just like any other structure that rests on your property’s soil, retaining walls can begin to shift, bend, or lean as a result of time or weather events.

Carolina Foundation Solutions has the expertise to perform rock wall repairs, garden wall repairs, retaining wall crack repairs, and other services to prevent damage from a failing retaining wall.

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Interlocking designed retaining wall to manage earth erosion and  landscaping

Common Causes of Retaining Wall Problems

Retaining walls come in all types of material, including concrete, brick, wood, and even steel components. Typically, the main culprit behind retaining wall issues is the soil contained behind the wall. Improper backfilling can lead to ineffective drainage, causing moisture buildup that places excess hydrostatic pressure on your retaining wall. Over time, that pressure causes the wall structure to bend out of shape, resulting in bulging or bowing retaining walls.

The appropriate solution for retaining wall damage depends on multiple factors. Expert retaining wall repair contractors like those at Carolina Foundation Solutions will perform a full assessment, taking into consideration:

  • The wall’s construction materials
  • The height of the wall
  • The height of the retained soils
  • The drainage capability
  • The amount of soil movement
  • The extent of wall damage

With an accurate evaluation of your retaining wall, Carolina Foundation Solutions can present the most effective way to fix retaining wall issues or replace your retaining wall if necessary.

Our Retaining Wall Repair Methods

When fixing retaining walls in North and South Carolina, Carolina Foundation Solutions typically finds that carbon fiber reinforcement or helical tieback anchors are the most appropriate options.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

For fast and cost-effective results, Carolina Foundation Solutions can apply carbon fiber reinforcement straps to the face of the wall to straighten bowing. We use the Fortress Stabilization System, which is made of a Kevlar and carbon fiber weave that resists corrosion and provides greater rigidity than steel.

Helical Tieback Anchors

We use helical tieback anchor systems to stop leaning and bowing in retaining walls for more involved repair and reinforcement. Our methods depend on the type of material in the wall, and the tieback anchor system requires us to incorporate steel into the system for the greatest impact. We use CHANCE helical tieback anchors with the appropriate soil screw and anchor systems to strengthen and straighten your retaining wall for good.

Retaining Wall, bulit with pressure treated Structural Pine, terraced garden beds.

Trust Carolina Foundation Solutions for Lasting Strength

At CFS, we have the solution for your retaining wall problems. Whether you need retaining wall anchor plates, railroad tie retaining wall repair, or another solution for your failing retaining wall, we’ll create a plan that meets your needs and budget. You’ll always receive the information you need to make the right decision and service that exceeds the competition.

For more information on retaining wall services and repairs, call Carolina Foundation Solutions at 877-770-7050 or contact us online.

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