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Retaining walls, like basement walls, can move, lean, or start to bow over time. Without the proper retaining wall repairs, these walls can fail and cause extensive, expensive property damage.

Carolina Foundation Solutions is a leading provider of retaining wall repair and reinforcement throughout the Carolinas. Our concrete experts have the skills, resources, and cutting-edge equipment to efficiently diagnose and effectively resolve any type of retaining wall problem.

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What Causes Retaining Wall Problems?

Retaining walls can be made of wood, brick, concrete, concrete blocks, steel components, and several other materials. No matter what materials are used to build these walls, they will rest on soil, which can move over time.

In fact, the changes within the backfilled soils (retained soils) are commonly caused by poor drainage conditions. As moisture and water become build up in the retained soils, they become heavier and exert additional pressure on the walls. This is often referred to as hydrostatic pressure.

With time, this pressure will cause retaining walls to change shape, which usually results in leaning or bowing retaining walls.

The repairs for these issues can vary drastically, depending on factors like:

  • The type of retaining wall
  • The height of the wall
  • The height of the retained soils
  • Whether drainage improvements are required
  • The extent of the soil movement and/or wall damage

Some of the options for repairing leaning or bowing retaining walls can include:

  • Installing carbon fiber reinforcement straps (CFR)
  • Installing helical tieback anchors (wall anchors)

Contact CFS at 1-877-770-7050 for retaining wall reinforcement and repair service in the Carolinas.

Retaining Wall Repair: Installing Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Depending on the type of retaining wall, installing carbon fiber reinforcement straps can be a very effective repair for bowing retaining walls. With this method, carbon fiber reinforcement straps are applied directly to the face of the wall to provide reinforcement and stabilize the wall.

The benefits of this method of retaining wall reinforcement include that it is quick and cost-effective while providing immediate results.

Carolina Foundation Solutions specializes in the installation of Fortress Stabilization Systems carbon fiber reinforcement material. The Fortress Stabilization Systems product consists of a woven grid of carbon fiber and Kevlar that is corrosion-proof and more rigid than steel.

CFS will not only provide a “Lifetime Warranty” for repairs that involve carbon fiber reinforcement systems, but we also offer an additional warranty from the manufacturer, Fortress Stabilization Systems.

Contact CFS at 1-877-770-7050 for retaining wall reinforcement and repair service in the Carolinas.

Retaining Wall Repair: Installing Helical Tieback Anchors

Installing tieback anchors is another viable option for retaining wall reinforcement and repair. With this method, tieback anchors are used to anchor a leaning or bowing retaining wall. There are various methods of installing tieback anchors, and various types of steel materials must be incorporated into each system.

Carolina Foundation Solutions specializes in the installation of CHANCE helical tieback anchors, as well as other soil screw and wall anchor systems. As a certified CHANCE Installer, we take pride in using the highest-quality materials in the foundation repair industry. This includes helical anchor products manufactured by CHANCE, which are ICC-ES certified and consist of hot-dipped galvanized steel made in the U.S.

In addition to the “Life of Structure Warranty” offered by CFS, the helical anchors are also covered by a “30 Year Peace of Mind Warranty” from CHANCE.

Contact CFS at 1-877-770-7050 for retaining wall reinforcement and repair service in the Carolinas.

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