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Using Hairline Foundation Cracks to Your Advantage

Home buying and selling is a process that takes months of preparation and the right realtor for the transaction to flow smoothly. However, when realtors encounter problems with the house, the process can be delayed, or worse, the price of the home can decrease significantly. Hairline cracks in your foundation are an annoyance that progressively get worse over time and oftentimes turn into a burden financially. Haven’t you grown tired of hearing about all the things happening that negatively affect your growth and your goals as a person? Well, it doesn’t always have to be so doom and gloom as a homeowner. There is, after all, a light at the end of every dark tunnel, but you must know how to get there. The purpose of this article is to ensure that when you get your foundation repaired, you come out on top.

First and foremost, foundation repair is a part of the construction industry, specifically the home improvement sector on the residential side. As is the case with any home improvement project, it has the potential for added value. The potential lies within how the project gets done and relies on several factors such as budget, materials, and time. A home improvement project done by yourself that doesn’t have the proper budget or doesn’t account for miscellaneous mishaps will soon be blown through. Underestimating the number of materials needed for the job to be done properly will send you over budget as well. Finally, if you plan on getting your home ready for sale or for inspection and you drag out the project, then your home will also lose value.

The easiest way to ensure the success of a home improvement project, get that house on the market, and send you on your way toward that dream home is to hire a professional foundation repair company. Carolina Foundation Solutions has the materials and time coupled with the expertise of experienced professionals to fix your cracked foundation in no time at all.

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Return on Investment

Hairline foundation cracks can be a sign of more serious structural issues happening, and given that you might want to sell your home at some point soon, it is important to jump on it as soon as possible. The longer you wait to repair a foundation, the increased likelihood that the cost required to do so will also increase. Foundation repair, especially when addressing a hairline crack, will run you, on average, a few hundred dollars if there aren’t any underlying issues. Underlying issues will cause the price to range anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000, with extreme repairs hitting $10,000. Don’t let those numbers scare you, this is your house we are talking about. The cost shouldn’t be your concern, the return on your investment, the benefit to you, should concern you more.

Foundation repair that involves stabilizing the structure can be used to leverage more money for when you decide to sell your home. Not repairing a damaged foundation, however, will decrease the value of your home by 10% to 15%. Statistically, a home with recent improvements such as increased structural stability will sell for 20% to 30% higher than a house that doesn’t. That $10,000 price tag doesn’t scare you as much now, does it? The amount of money you will receive on that transaction will cover the cost of the repair and may even give you a little more spending money to use. Deciding to sell the home with the preexisting hairline crack in the foundation and possible underlying issues will only attract two kinds of buyers:

1. DIY couples – These couples scavenge for homes that need fixing so that their invested time and money can somehow bring intrinsic value to the new home they live in. They strongly desire the “fixer-upper” so that they can bring their own style to the home.
2. House flippers – These guys will not pay anything more than the bare minimum for your home because their plan is to invest as little as possible and sell it in six to eight months for a large profit.

Neither one of these buyers is going to give you that return on investment you’re looking for because option number one is getting it for a bargain with all the issues and option number two is only looking for his/her big return.

Maximizing the return on your investment is contingent on the company you choose when you decide to make the repair. You could go the nationwide route and choose a foundation repair company that is spread throughout the country, but you would just be another customer they can take advantage of. When you’re dealing with a larger company that isn’t local to the Carolinas, there is a high probability that steps will be skipped and corners will be cut to finish the job for capital gains. The other option, which anyone would prefer, is you choose a family-owned foundation repair company that is local to the Carolinas. A company full of industry and installation experts that take the time to do the little things like crossing every “T” and dotting every “I.” A company that cares about your home just as much as you do, a company named Carolina Foundation Solutions, LLC. Give us a call at (877) 770-7050, we’re the type to pick up on the first ring. 

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