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TopDrain On-Footer Drainage Pipe

TopDrain is a revolutionary on-footer french drain system for interior basement waterproofing. This pipe is an alternative product to our Quikflo drainage pipe system that we have been using for years! Innovation breeds success right? That is why we have partnered with RichTech Industries to bring you two top-of-the-line options, QuikFlo and TopDrain, for your waterproofing needs. TopDrain has a variety of benefits such as:

  1. Its rear angle leaves space for non-removable dirt or debris that rests against the wall. Because of this, the pipe can still be placed against the wall.

  2. The top of the pipe is sloped downward, which creates a thicker concrete floor that better disperses weight and reduces cracking.

  3. TopDrain features a 4” flange that extends up the wall, acting as a built-in diverter. This flange helps direct water down from the weep holes into the pipe and away from the foundation.

  4. Both the angle at the top of the flange and the notched ridge below keep the drain away from the wall just enough to let water flow freely into the pipe.

These benefits further our goal of providing to you the best waterproofing service that can be found throughout the Carolinas and we hope that you choose us when you consider waterproofing your crawlspace or basement! Call us at (877) 770-7050 or contact us online to schedule a FREE inspection with us today!

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