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Happy Spring: Maintenance Tips for a Solid Foundation

Happy first official day of spring! We’ve had the chance to “spring ahead” with our clocks thanks to daylight savings and now it’s time to spring forward with important home maintenance chores to ensure the structural integrity of your home is sound. Many homeowners have a spring cleaning list that involves organizing closets, clearing garages of clutter and breathing life back into their lawns or gardens, but it is important to add a comprehensive exterior inspection of your home to your spring maintenance routine to ensure your foundation is safe for the rainy season.

Exterior Inspection Checklist:

  1.  Clean Gutters & Downspouts: Make sure that gutters are free of debris and that your downspouts carry water at least 10 – 20 feet away from your house to protect your foundation.
  2. Re-grade around Foundation: Create positive drainage by making sure the area around your foundation has a vertical drop of about half an inch per foot. Tamp down the soil well to ensure it stays in place then add back mulch, pine needles, wood chips etc. In addition, be strategic about landscaping around your home and plant trees at least 10 feet away to ensure roots do not cause your foundation to shift.
  3. Check AC Condensation: Make sure water is not discharging directly next to your foundation, which can cause structural damage.
  4. Inspect Concrete Around the House: Look for signs of cracks and settlement around walkways, driveways, garage slabs, patios etc.
  5. Examine Exterior Siding & Windows: Look for gaps in windows and cracks in exterior walls including brick, siding, stucco etc. larger than 1/16 of an inch.

Spending the time now to safeguard your home foundation for spring showers and the summer season that is ahead will save you countless hours of stress and repair work from being necessary later, leaving you time to focus on enjoying the warmer weather with family and friends. If you notice signs and symptoms of foundation damage after your exterior examination of your home, don’t delay and spring into action by calling our experts at (877) 770-7050 or schedule a FREE inspection here.

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