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Solutions for Standing Water in Your Home

Wading in the water was either a fun childhood pastime or something we daydream about to get away from the cold weather we are experiencing but is not something that should be happening in your basement or crawlspace. Standing water in your basement or crawlspace is an obvious sign of water issues and can pose more serious problems if left ignored. 

You may have noticed periodic wet spots on your basement or crawlspace walls, floors and/or floor joists and thought dampness would evaporate or pass on like a rainstorm, however, these symptoms are signs of moisture issues that don’t always go away and if not, lead to bigger problems like standing water. We understand that seeing these signs and symptoms can signal distress and cause you to question the source of the water. 

Aside from standard plumbing leaks, common sources of standing water include groundwater from rain, rising water tables or hydrostatic pressure, foundation cracks, leaking windows, clogged window wells, short downspouts, overflowing gutters or poor land grading. Ultimately, all of the sources of standing water are due to improper water diversion and the solution is water mitigation by improving outside drainage with downspout extenders, clearing gutters of debris and making sure soil is landscaped at an appropriate slope away from the house, as well as installing an interior drainage or waterproofing system. At this level of water damage, the solution to your problem goes beyond installing a vapor barrier or encapsulation system and must include the installation of a comprehensive waterproofing system with the key component being a sump pump, but not just any sump pump. 

First, let’s dive into what a sump pump is exactly and then why sump pumps found at home improvement retailers just don’t compare to choosing a product installed by expert waterproofing specialists like Carolina Foundation Solutions. 

A sump pump consists of 6 main components: 

  • Ground Water Collection System: Piping that routes excessive groundwater to a sump basin.
  • Sump Basin: Think of it like a big bucket that collects liquid for removal.
  • Primary Sump Pump: 1/4-horsepower to 1-horsepower, submersible or pedestal type.
  • Discharge Pipe/Hose: Pipe or open valve that carries discharge water out and away from home.
  • Check Valve: This prevents backflow through the discharge outlet.
  • Backup Sump Pump System (Optional): This provides added peace of mind in case of a power outage or if the primary pump fails.

Submersible sump pumps are the best solution for standing water in your home because they are quiet and less obtrusive. Standing water is not a problem you should tackle on your own using a DIY fix that a trip to your nearest home improvement store for a sump pump can solve. Not all sump pumps are created equal. 

Sump pumps found at home improvement stores:

  • Made of cast iron or aluminum that rusts & erodes
  • Pump  1,700-2,000 gallons an hour
  • Drain energy and are noisy
  • Backed by a 1-3 year warranty

Meanwhile, at Carolina Foundation Solutions we use only proven products that are best within the industry. Our comprehensive waterproofing systems are complete with PitBoss sump pumps. PitBoss sump pumps are: 

  • Made from stainless steel so they never rust or erode
  • Pump 4,000 Gallons an hour
  • Energy Efficient with minimal sound – 5 amp motor uses 50% less energy
  • Backed by 5-year warranty

Our PitBoss sump pump combined with our QuikFlo drainage system, diverter and moisture barrier will keep groundwater and floodwater from weakening the structural integrity of your home and allow you to maximize the use of below-ground spaces. The installation of one of our proven and reliable waterproofing systems will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy a dry and healthy space in your basement or crawlspace. Call us at (877) 770-7050 or contact us online today. Our experts at Carolina Foundation Solutions are ready to help.

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