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Avoid the Stress of Soil Washout Under Concrete Slabs

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Slab foundations are generally more vulnerable to flood damage compared to raised foundations. If your area in the Coastal Plains of North Carolina experiences heavy rainfall or flooding, soil washout is likely around your foundation. This can occur when water accumulates around the foundation and creates hydrostatic pressure, leading to potential movement or shifting of the foundation.

Soil Washout

Here are a few factors that may affect the susceptibility for soil washout under your concrete slab foundation:


1. Drainage System:

The effectiveness of your property’s drainage system plays a crucial role in managing water flow. Properly installed and maintained gutters, downspouts, and grading can help direct water away from the foundation and minimize the washout risk.

2. Elevation:

The elevation of your property in relation to the surrounding area and the water table level can influence the likelihood of flood-related issues. Homes in low-lying areas or neighborhoods prone to flooding are generally at higher risk.

3. Soil Composition:

The soil type around your property can impact its stability during heavy rain or flooding. Some soil types, like sandy or silty soils, are more prone to erosion, while clay soils may become saturated and less stable.

To mitigate the risk of soil washout, consider the following measures:


1. Ensure Proper Drainage:

Regularly clean and maintain your gutters and downspouts. Ensure they are directing water away from the foundation, and consider installing extensions or splash blocks if necessary. Evaluate the grading around your home and make any adjustments required to encourage water to flow away from the foundation.

2. Utilize Polyurethane Foam:

The foam fills the empty spaces in the ground where soil erosion occurred. The curing process takes approximately 15-30 minutes, and its durability extends over many years. The foam layer establishes a connection with the soil, serving as a barrier against additional erosion, thereby safeguarding the concrete against potential settling or sinking issues in the future.

3. Consult a Professional:

It’s always advisable to consult with a local foundation specialist who can evaluate your specific soil washout and provide recommendations tailored to your property and local conditions.

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