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Signs You Need a Sump Pump in NC & SC

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Did you know that nearly a quarter of yearly homeowner insurance claims are related to water damage? Or that 60% of homes in the U.S. have wet basements?

If your North or South Carolina house has a belowground crawl space or basement, installing a sump pump might be beneficial, even if the area doesn’t usually flood. And if you have experienced lower-level flooding or moisture issues, a sump pump is a must-have, as it can protect your home’s foundation and overall structural integrity.

Carolina Foundation Solutions offers professional sump pump installations and replacements for North and South Carolina homes. Our teams are fully mobile and trained to provide services that prevent water damage and keep your basement or crawl space dry.

Are you ready to install a sump pump at your North or South Carolina home? Do you have an old sump pump that needs replacing? Contact Carolina Foundation Solutions by calling (877) 770-7050 about your options.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump moves excess accumulated water in your home’s basement, cellar, or crawl space up and away from the foundation. A typical sump pump is about 2 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter. Installation includes placing it in a pit at your home’s lowest point.

Once installed, the pump remains on standby until heavy rain or flooding kicks it into action. As water fills the cavity, a sensor or float switch turns the pump on and removes the collected water, which is piped into a storm drain, dry well, creek, or another outdoor receptacle.

Skilled DIYers can sometimes install a sump pump on their own, but it’s usually best to hire a professional provider to install a new unit or replace an old or non-operational one.

Signs You Need a Sump Pump

Even if your home’s lower level doesn’t flood, excess moisture can lead to mold and health problems. A few signs indicate that a sump pump is suitable for your North or South Carolina property. These signs include:

You Live in a Low-Lying Region

Does your house sit lower than those around it? Is it situated on a downward slope or near a river? If so, consider installing a sump pump, as water always accumulates at a property’s lowest point, which could threaten your house. Unless it’s substantially waterproofed, you should expect pooled water to enter your home’s lower level.

Your Region Has High Precipitation

You could benefit from a sump pump if where you live experiences heavy rainstorms, even if they only happen several times a year. Any sudden increase in water can overwhelm a basement and cause it to flood.

Your Basement or Crawl Space Has Previously Flooded

If your basement has flooded before, you should invest in a sump pump, as it can prevent future flooding. You might also need additional waterproofing, but a sump pump is critical to protecting your property from water intrusion and mold damage.

Protect Your Finished Basement

If you have a finished basement or want to start a remodeling project, a sump pump ensures your carpeting, furniture, electronics, and other furnishings aren’t water damaged. If you’re in the process of finishing the basement, be sure to get it waterproofed as well.

You Have an Old or Inefficient Pump That Needs Replacement

If you already have a sump pump installed and it’s over 10 years old, consider replacing it with a new, more efficient unit. Like all appliances, sump pumps eventually wear out, and the older your unit is, the more likely it is to fail. Other signs a sump pump needs replacing include:

  • Strange noises
  • The pump won’t turn on consistently or doesn’t stop running
  • Visible damage or rust

When replacing a sump pump, consider investing in a model with battery backup, which helps ensure the pump works as it should, even if the power goes out.

Choose Carolina Foundation Solutions for Sump Pump Services

You can depend on our team to approach your sump pump installation with integrity and the mindset of doing things correctly. We provide services to the upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina regions. You can count on us to provide peace of mind from the ground up!

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