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Protect your Home Against Puddles

Spring time isn’t quite over yet and the Carolinas are feeling the consequence of warmer weather with continual, heavy rains and thunderstorms that leave homeowners with puddles in their basements and/or pools of water in their crawlspaces. Heavy rains threaten the structural integrity of your property by increasing the hydrostatic pressure on your foundation and cause the water table to rise. As a result of rains pounding against your roof, windows, doors and exterior walls, the increased hydrostatic pressure from the rainfall causes cracks and other deficiencies in your foundation. Your downspouts and stormwater drains are working overtime to handle the excessive discharge. Together, these defects leave you with leaks.

Avoid this wet situation and protect your home against puddles and standing water by:

  1. Seal window and door frames with caulk to prevent water from leaking into the building envelope
  2. Do masonry repairs to cracked mortar joints in brick veneer walls and cracks between bricks or stone slabs on window ledges.
  3. Reduce hydrostatic pressure by extending downspouts at least 8-10 feet away from your foundation
  4. Install a comprehensive interior waterproofing system complete with sump pump.
  5. Call the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist at (877) 770-7050 or contact us online to schedule a FREE inspection and make your property puddle-free!
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