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#WinterWednesday: Pipe Freeze & Foundation Damage

The official start of spring is 40 days away and while warmer weather is drawing near February freeze is here now.  Normal freezing does not typically pose a major problem to foundations aside from concrete cracking and flaking, but pipe freeze and bursting can be detrimental. As water freezes and expands inside the pipe water pressure increases and causes pipes to burst and leak.  Pipes most likely to freeze are in areas with direct exposure to outside temperatures, such as external sinks or in areas with indirect exposure, such as unprotected crawlspaces.  The average cost of repair for water damaged foundation is $5,000.

Avoid a costly repair by taking inside and outside precautions to safeguard your foundation. Homeowners and business owners should be on alert for freezing pipes once temperatures drop below 20 degrees.

  • Maintain an inside temperature of 55 degrees at minimum
  • Turn off exposed water pipes not in use during wintertime
  • Prevent cold air from seeping in your home or business by sealing around pipes that enter inside
  • Insulate pipes in crawl spaces, attics and outer walls
  • Get better heat exposure to tucked away pipes by opening cabinet and closet doors

Protect your biggest investment from the winter weather by calling Carolina Foundation Solutions to schedule a FREE inspection for visit Foundation SolutionsConsult.

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