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Waterproofing Enables North Greenville University Structure to Become a Livable Space

Why it matters: Adding livable square footage to a home or business increases property value and gives the owner options on how best to utilize the restored space.

Project background: North Greenville University engaged Carolina Foundation Solutions to waterproof the basement of a university-owned residential property to store equipment, data servers, and other items.

The details: Because North Greenville University wanted a livable space to store highly-sensitive equipment, we installed a right-sized drainage system under the basement floor to collect and discharge stormwater from the area.

In addition to the drainage system, we used the top-of-the-line energy-efficient PitBoss sump pump because it’s highly reliable and designed to last even under extreme conditions. Our consultant recommended the PitBoss because the unit is extremely quiet and powerful enough to pump thousands of gallons per hour.

The big picture: The future-forward conversations our consultant had with the university allowed us to design a complete solution for the immediate use of the space to store sensitive electronics and equipment. And it gave the school the option to install foam board insulation, blocking, framing, drywall, and a drop ceiling.

The bottom line: Our solution restored and renewed the basement and permitted North Greenville University to use the existing 2,000 square footage rather than building a costly new facility. The revitalized area will eventually become a livable and workable space for students and staff.

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