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Introducing New Construction Foundations

When it comes to building on challenging grounds with expansive soils, high water tables, or unstable soils, the CHANCE® Helical Piles offer a smart, tried-and-tested solution. These engineered piles are a cost-effective way to establish a deep foundation that tackles tough conditions. They’re particularly useful when working on sites with fill areas or near existing structures where minimizing disruption is crucial.

New Construction Foundations

A Fresh Take on Deep Foundations

Say goodbye to the hefty expenses and potential issues linked to vibrations, noise, and excavation. The CHANCE® Helical Piles deliver the same reliability as traditional deep foundations but without the downsides. This innovative solution not only saves time but also cuts costs. It comes with an inbuilt quality control feature: instant torque-to-capacity feedback. This means engineers and contractors can be confident about the project’s performance right from the start, ensuring consistent quality.

Benefits of CHANCE® Helical Piles for New Construction Foundations:

1. Cost-Effective Start: These piles require minimal setup costs, and they can be installed using compact equipment.

2. Swift Installation: Speed matters, and with CHANCE® Helical Piles, you’ll have a foundation in place quickly.

3. Clean Process: No digging up of soil or creating spoils, making it a cleaner choice for construction.

4. Minimal Disruption: The low impact of these piles means no vibrations, ensuring ongoing operations are not disturbed.

5. Built-In Quality Assurance: The torque-to-capacity feedback system ensures that the foundation’s performance is closely monitored and maintained throughout the project.

Embrace the efficiency and reliability of CHANCE® Helical Piles for your new construction projects. Experience the advantages of a foundation solution that’s both smart and sustainable. Call 877-770-7050 to transform your projects with efficient, reliable, and sustainable deep foundations.

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