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Lift Concrete Slabs with Polyurethane Solutions

Do you have a sinking feeling about your concrete structures? We get it. Foundations settle over time due to erosion, shifting soil, and other environmental factors. But don’t worry – we’ve got the answer.

Introducing Alchatek’s AP Lift series: your go-to solution for slab jacking and structure lifting. Their polyurethane lifting foams – AP Deep Lift 420, AP Lift 430, AP Lift 435, AP Lift 440, and AP Lift 475 – are the superheroes your projects need.

Where Can You Use It?

Whether it’s bridge approach slabs, highways, railroads, warehouse floors, driveways, or even pool decks, their foams have you covered. The possibilities are endless.

Why does concrete settle?

Blame erosion, poor compaction, or even biological decay. We’ve all been there. Enter Polymer Foam – your trusted solution.

So, how does our polymer foam help? Simple:

  • It lifts slabs back into their place, within 1/10″ of where they should be.
  • It’s a pro at reinforcing eroded areas – water displacement and solid curing to the rescue.
  • Say goodbye to loose soil – Alchatek’s foam injection compacts it like a champ.
  • Those voids caused by decay? Alchatek’s polymer foam fills them before you know it.


Worried about the environment? Alchatek’s AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475 foams are certified safe for drinking water contact (NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 approved). That means you can use them worry-free anywhere.

The Results

  • Walk on repaired slabs the same day – Alchatek’s foam’s 90% strong in just 15 minutes.
  • Need support? Up to 14,000 lbs/sq. ft. covered, depending on your choice.
  • Enjoy decades of lifted and stabilized structures – Alchatek’s foams are tougher than bedrock.

Don’t wait for sinking vibes – elevate with Alchatek’s AP Lift series. Your projects deserve the lift they’ve been waiting for.

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