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Benefits of Basement Wall Repair Using InvisiBeam

Bowing, leaning or shearing walls, horizontal or stair-step cracking and the presence of expansive soils are signs of structural settlement and the need for carbon fiber reinforcement. Before these symptoms signal distress, contact a professional like Carolina Foundation Solutions to assess the severity of your structural issues and provide a permanent solution that will provide your basement or retaining wall with the proper strength and stabilization.

Our team of experts are certified Fortress Stabilization System installers of the InvisiBeam, carbon fiber reinforcement system.

The InvisiBeam system by Fortress Stabilization Systems is the result of over 20 years of engineering and testing to provide the strongest top and bottom wall anchoring system. InvisiBeam is comprised of 3 parts:

  1. Top Anchor
  2. Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Strap
  3. Bottom Anchor

Each component is unique and has benefits that cannot be found in products by other competitors.

Top Anchor Benefits

The top anchor solves leaning walls symptoms and is post-tensioned after installation by being bolted to the rim joist instead of the typical sill plate.

  • The anchor being post-tensioned allows the anchor and the wall to be engaged under tension, ensuring a strong and permanent hold. Bolting the anchor to the rim joist instead of the typical sill plate will engage the structure’s floor system, preventing further movement of the wall.
  • The top of wall to floor connection that this anchor provides is the strongest and safest in the industry.

Carbon Fiber Strap Benefits

The carbon fiber strap keeps cracked and bowing walls from further bowing. Unlike many designs, The Fortress carbon fiber straps fibers are not woven together but are flat and run in one direction eliminating the loss of force that occurs when a woven strap straightens out when force is applied.

  • One carbon fiber reinforcement strap supports 234,700 pounds per square inch, double the amount of any competitor product.
  • The open-grid technological design of the strap, when combined with an epoxy rivet solution forms a mechanical bond with the foundation wall. The epoxy also forms an adhesive bond between the rivets inside the strap and the wall, with each rivet providing support. With 8,000 rivets in a single strap, your foundation wall will not budge.

Bottom Anchor Benefits

The last component, the bottom wall anchor is there to prevent sheering. Sheering occurs when there is mounting pressure being put on the bottom of your foundation wall and the wall starts to slide out as a result of the pressure. Preventing a wall from sheering requires a lot of strength and this anchor has more than enough.

  • The bottom anchor is designed to be 5 times thicker and 125 times stiffer than the competition.
  • Using a dual-leg solution with specific contact lengths, this anchor is specifically engineered to achieve a 200% safety factor. The bottom anchor uses the basement floor itself to secure the carbon fiber strap in place and holds it firm to prevent any sheering from occurring.

InvisiBeam System Benefits

When these three components of the InvisiBeam system are combined together, all types of structural wall settlement are addressed.

  • The InvisiBeam system is a complete solution for basement wall repair and the only top and bottom anchored system.
  • Get confidence with this complete system that is the only ICC-ES building code certified. The certification signifies that the product has been through accredited testing and is proven effective, which allows your basement repair to pass every building code inspection.
  • The strength in this system beats out any competitor product. Third-party ICC-ES testing showed no reduction in strength from 0 to 3” of deflection. There have been multiple successful applications exceeding 3” of deflection proving that InvisiBeam can provide stabilization to even those most severe of structural wall issues. 
  • The InvisiBeam system is double-backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and Carolina Foundation Solutions as the installer that covers parts and labor, plus is transferrable to the next homeowner.

When you choose Carolina Foundation Solutions for your repair needs, rest assured you are getting the best in the business. Let us take that weight off your shoulders with InvisiBeam, our solution for bowing foundation walls.

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