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Carolina Foundation Solutions Uses Proven, Tested Products for Foundation Repair Applications: The Importance of ICC-ES Certification

Carolina Foundation Solutions prides itself on using only the best and most proven products, equipment and material in the foundation repair industry. Carolina Foundation Solutions is a premier certified installer for CHANCE, the oldest, most trusted, most used helical pier products in the world. We install CHANCE Brand SS5 and SS175 Helical Foundation System products, manufactured by Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS), which have received ICC-ES certification making these helical foundation products code-compliant.

The ICC-ES evaluation service conducts technical evaluations of building products, mechanisms, methods, and materials. The evaluation process concludes with issued technical reports that directly address code compliance, which as a result are tremendously useful to both regulatory agencies and building-product manufacturers. Agencies use these evaluations to help determine code compliance and enforce building regulation, while manufacturers use these reports as evidence that their products, both original and new, meet code requirements and permit regulatory approval. ICC-ES employs expert evaluation specialists, licensed architects, and professional engineers with experience evaluating construction products and technology in fields, such as civil, structural, fire protection and mechanical engineering.

The report process starts with an application for an evaluation report. The application is submitted with product information, test reports and fees to cover the cost of the evaluation. Once the application is received, ICC-ES assigns a technical staff member to evaluate the data and work with the applicant to make sure compliance is proven, before a report is issued, with either the building code or an ICC-ES acceptance criteria. Once all questions raised by ICC-ES staff are answered satisfactorily by the applicant, and all other applicable requirements have been fulfilled, an evaluation report is issued and posted on the ICC-ES website, where it may be referenced by interested parties.

For building inspectors and regulators, the ICC-ES certification approval can tell you about products, systems, materials and methods that are code-compliant. Likewise, the ICC-ES certification provides manufacturers and contractors solid evidence that the product meets code requirements. As a contractor, ICC-ES certification provides us the necessary evidence for local building officials we work with that we are using code-complying materials. In addition, it gives our customers peace of mind that we are using proven products that promote a safe environment. ICC-ES reports on products are available online for reference by thousands of building departments and construction-industry professionals, free of charge.

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