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Happy National Home Improvement Month!


May is National Home Improvement Month and the perfect time to add basement or crawlspace waterproofing to the top of your home maintenance list. Basement and crawlspaces are both susceptible to water intrusion and high moisture levels that can cause structural damage, mold growth and more. Properly managing and diverting water from these areas bring several positive changes to your pocket and to your home.

Why you should consider waterproofing as your next home improvement project:

  1. Protecting your Biggest Investment

    Your home is often your biggest investment and something you want to protect at all costs. Water damage from basement or crawlspace issues can cause structural problems and in turn compromise the integrity of your foundation. Waterproofing maintains the structural integrity of your home and prevents foundation damage.  

  2. Cost Savings

    Basement and crawlspace waterproofing can reduce energy bills by up to 20%.

  3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

    According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), air indoors is 2 -5 times more polluted than air in the outside environment. Up to 40% of the air on the first floor in a home originates from the crawlspace or basement. Controlling the moisture and humidity levels in your home with dehumidifiers, vapor barriers or complete waterproofing systems prevents mold infestations in the long term, therefore reducing respiratory problems and allergic reactions. 

  4. Maximizing Living Space

    According to NuWire Investor, once the job is complete, you have increased the livable floor space of your home by 30% – 50%, for approximately half the cost of constructing an addition to your home above-ground.

  5. Return on Investment/Increase Home Value

    Generally, you can expect a return on investment of about 30 percent from a basement or crawlspace waterproofing. Basement waterproofing gives you a better ROI than a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel, and it is cheaper and adds more value than a home addition. According to Remodeling magazine, the added resale value of a finished the average basement remodel is $61,303 with a 70.3%payback, making it one of the smartest home improvement projects.

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