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Building on a Solid Foundation: Carolina Foundation Solutions Offers Foundations for Poor Soil Conditions

The U.S. economy may be showing signs of slowing. However, according to Dave Simpson, president and CEO of Carolinas Associated General Contractors, construction is projected to remain on an upward path, particularly in North Carolina and South Carolina. With favorable mortgage interest rates, a steady growth in population and building and land costs still lower than the national average, the Carolinas are well-positioned to benefit. As growth in housing can be expected, commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction will surely benefit.

Of course, any construction, from housing, commercial and industrial to retail and infrastructure, requires a solid foundation. Because the soil type varies drastically across the Carolinas, the types of systems and steps required to create a solid foundation also vary. Where sites offer poor soil conditions, deep foundation systems are oftentimes deemed necessary to create a solid foundation. There are several different types of deep foundation systems, and the type required depends on various factors, such as the types of soils present and the loads of the proposed structure. One of the most commonly specified and most frequently used deep foundation system for new construction is helical piles.

Many engineers specify helical piles because they are a pre-engineered system that provides torque-to-capacity correlation and immediate loading. Contractors often prefer helical piles because of the low mobilization costs, the fast installation, the ability to install in any weather conditions and the ability to install in areas with limited access.

As compared to other deep foundation systems, when installing helical piles, there are no spoils created, no vibrations, no need for large equipment and no waiting for concrete to cure.

Since 1912, CHANCE has been manufacturing helical pile systems commonly used for construction in the residential, commercial, industrial, utility, transportation and renewable energy markets. CHANCE helical piles comply with the 2009, 2012 and 2015 International Building Code and are ICC-ES Approved and ISO:9001 Certified.

CHANCE helical piles consist of hot-dipped galvanized steel made in the USA. The helical piles are segmented deep foundation systems with helical bearing plates welded to the central shaft. The helical piles are installed at intervals between footing forms and are capped with steel bearing plates (“new construction cap plates”), which are then tied into a rebar grid and encased in the concrete footings. The dead and live loads of a structure are transferred from the helical pile shafts to the soil through these bearing plates.

Carolina Foundation Solutions (“Carolina Foundation Solutions”) is a licensed general contractor in NC and SC and is a certified CHANCE helical pile installer. With locations and personnel located throughout the Carolinas, Carolina Foundation Solutions is fully equipped and ready to provide solutions for a wide variety of projects with deep foundation system needs.

In 2019, Carolina Foundation Solutions was hired to assist with a project in Troutman, NC, for Godley Properties Inc. The project consisted of the construction of a one-million-square-foot industrial warehouse on a property containing several feet of poor soils. The options were to strip several feet of soil or to incorporate a deep foundation system. Due to the time and money associated with removing and hauling countless yards of unsuitable soils, Carolina Foundation Solutions was hired to install over 220 helical piles, which included a mix of CHANCE helical piles and CHANCE helical pulldown micro-piles. Kathryn Godley, president of Godley Properties Inc., stated, “We are honored to have Carolina Foundation Solutions as part of the development team for the construction of our one-million-square-foot industrial warehouse. Their work is exemplary; they require limited supervision and have a professional staff; and they completed their work ahead of schedule.” Ultimately, the services and solutions offered saved both time and money.

The Godley Properties Inc. project is just one of many where Carolina Foundation Solutions’s services in installing helical piles as a deep foundation system have saved time and money on new construction projects. Feel free to contact Carolina Foundation Solutions to learn more about how they can help on projects where deep foundation systems have been specified or where deep foundation systems may be the unexpected solution.

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