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Do I Need an Engineer's Report for My Foundation Repairs?

A structural engineer’s report is a vital step in repairing your foundation. This report should always be handled by a third-party state-certified structural engineer. This report aims to provide unbiased recommendations that can later be executed by a reputable foundation repair firm. Most cities in North Carolina require a structural engineer’s report before foundation repair.

What Information Does the Engineer’s Report for Foundation Repair Include?

In most instances, your structural engineer’s report will be based on visual observations and an elevation survey. Building plans and soil tests are not used unless specifically requested. The report will first outline the engineer’s observations, like cracks in the foundation, window separations, and other signs of foundation trouble. Next, the report will indicate whether the structure has moved over time with a relative slab elevation reading. Lastly, the report will list recommendations for repairing the foundation. This section may include plumbing tests, installing barriers for tree roots, sloping soil, and other specific recommendations to secure your foundation.

How Much Does a Foundation Engineer’s Report Cost?

The average cost of a structural engineer’s report in North Carolina varies depending on the services needed and the market. However, you can expect the price to be a bit higher for a more comprehensive evaluation.

What Will a Structural Engineer Actually Do?

If structural issues are suspected, a structural engineer could take a variety of approaches depending on the issues that exist, along with your needs and preferences. The team at Carolina Foundation Solutions can either hire an engineer on your behalf or recommend that you hire an engineer directly. The services provided vary but can include:

  • Performing a thorough assessment
  • Performing tests
  • Providing a detailed report
  • Providing design
  • Observing and inspecting the repairs performed
  • Providing a final letter following repair completion

Whatever your structural repair and engineer reporting needs may be, Carolina Foundation Solutions will ensure you get the proper attention and quality service you deserve!

How Do I Get a Structural Engineer’s Report for My Foundation?

It’s often a best practice to contact your local foundation repair contractor rather than contacting a structural engineer directly. Because of how closely they work together, your trusted foundation repair contractor will be able to easily order a report on your behalf from a reputable and certified engineer, and they can also ensure it covers the scope of your requested foundation repair project.

At Carolina Foundation Solutions, we’ll gladly walk you through each step of your foundation repair project, including securing and following your structural engineer’s report to the letter.

To get started with reputable foundation repair for your Carolina property, contact Carolina Foundation Solutions at (877) 770-7050 for a free inspection today!

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