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Why You Should Never Put Off Foundation Repair

Foundation problems like cracks, leaks, bowed walls, settling, or sinking can develop quite slowly, often taking years to become noticeable, but that does not necessarily mean that you can take your time to repair them. Delaying repairs can risk further damage to your building while increasing the complexity of the repair process, as well as the costs. To protect your home or business in North Carolina or South Carolina, it is essential to act promptly when you notice foundation problems.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Most foundation problems are caused by changes in the soil below the foundation due to settling, erosion, moisture problems, or freeze and thaw cycles. Erosion or settling can leave voids below the foundation, allowing it to sink. In soils like clay, moisture can cause the clay to swell, lifting the foundation, and freezing temperatures can cause moist or waterlogged soils to expand. Poor preparation of the subsoil during the foundation installation can cause similar problems. Cracks, spalling, or other damage to the foundation can be caused by shifting soil or poor-quality concrete.

Signs That You May Have Foundation Problems

Foundation problems are not limited to the foundation itself—they can affect your entire home or business, from interior surfaces and finishes to the framing and the building’s overall structural integrity. It is important to call a professional for a thorough inspection of your building at the first sign of foundation trouble.

Some common indications that you have foundation problems include:

  • Cracks in the foundation walls
  • Bowed or bulging foundation walls
  • Sinking or settling of foundation walls or corners
  • Cracks, settling, or upheaval of the basement floor or slab
  • Cracks in drywall or plaster
  • Doors that stick, will not close, or are misaligned
  • Windows that are hard to open or close
  • Gaps around the perimeter of window or door frames
  • Floors that are uneven, not level, sagging, or warped
  • Cabinets that are not level or are pulling away from the wall
  • Basement leaks or moisture problems

By identifying and repairing foundation problems as soon as you notice them, you can limit the damage to your home or business, keep repair costs to a minimum, and avoid more complex repairs that can significantly disrupt your schedule.

What Happens if You Delay Foundation Repairs?

If you delay foundation repairs, not only can more damage occur to your building, but it can also exponentially increase the repair costs. Here are just a few of the possible consequences of putting off foundation repairs:

Higher Repair Costs

Minor problems like cracks can grow over time, leading to more costly repairs in the future. Likewise, if a sinking foundation is caught quickly, it will be easier and less costly to repair, and less damage will be done to the interior of the building.

Reduced Property Values

Selling a home or business with serious foundation problems can be quite difficult, and the market value for the property will be dramatically reduced even if you can find an interested buyer.

Increased Damage

What starts as a minor foundation problem can lead to damaged drywall, sagging floors, damaged cabinets, inoperable doors and windows, or even major structural problems.

Plumbing Problems

Movement of the foundation can cause water, sewer, and drain pipes to move, possibly leading to ruptured pipes and leaks.

Moisture & Mold Problems

Cracked or damaged foundations can allow moisture into your basement or crawl space, leading to mold and mildew problems. This is especially problematic for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Pest Infestations

Cracks or gaps in the foundation can allow pests like termites, carpenter ants, spiders, or rodents to enter your home, causing damage, health issues, allergy concerns, and more.

Foundation Repair in North Carolina & South Carolina

Avoid unnecessary damage to your home or business. When you find foundation problems anywhere in North Carolina or South Carolina, turn to our proven experts at Carolina Foundation Solutions. We have been serving residential and commercial clients since 2002, providing reliable, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of foundation problems.

Our foundation repair services include underpinning, slab lifting, slab repairs, wall reinforcement, piling installations, deep foundation systems, and much more. We are a family-owned and -operated business that offers unparalleled quality and workmanship, and we feature an A+ rating from the BBB plus four Angi Super Service Awards.

To learn more about our foundation services or to schedule an inspection, call Carolina Foundation Solutions today at 1-(877) 770-7050 or contact us online. We are equipped and ready to help with all your most complicated foundation problems.

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