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Foundation Symptoms Your Coastal Home Needs Repair

While homes in the coastal plains of North Carolina offer great views and plenty of outdoor activities for you and your family, paying attention to your foundation is critical. The foundation is what keeps your home supported and structurally sound. The great news is that most foundation problems are quickly detected.

Cracks in the slab.

While modern coastal homes are built on piers and piles, your older home may still be built on a crawlspace or slab foundation, primarily if you haven’t raised your home. If you notice cracks along your foundation or have noticed gaps or cracks under your hardwoods or carpet, you will need to contact Carolina Foundation Solutions.

Floors are sloping.

Over time, foundations can settle, which produces uneven or sloping floors. Check the level of your floors by placing a ball in the area where you think your floor slopes. You may need a foundation repair company if the ball rolls.

Broken tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Have you seen broken ceramic or porcelain tiles throughout your home? If your foundation is sinking or deteriorating, it can result in an uneven subfloor.

Doors and windows stick.

If your doors stick or your windows are difficult to open or close, it could be due to problems with the foundation of your coastal home. As the foundation of your home shifts, it can cause your door and window frames to distort. This shift changes the shape of the opening for your interior and exterior doors and windows, forcing them to become difficult, if not impossible, to open and close.

Cracks in your drywall or above windows.

Do you see cracks in the drywall above the windows when you walk through your coastal home? These cracks may reveal problems with the foundation, and leaving open spaces in these areas can result in worse damages in the future. You will need to hire a foundation repair company before they worsen.

Cracks in the exterior of your home.

When you first build your home, everything fits nicely in its place, including your siding and any exterior brick. As your foundation shifts, it can pressure your exterior walls causing them to become bowed. If this happens, masonry can start to crack at the seams, and siding can move out of place. If you notice these problems, it is a good idea to call our experts to diagnose the foundation problems and perform timely and accurate repairs.

The walls appear to be pulling away from the house.

Do you see gaps in the drywall? These gaps can indicate a problem with your coastal home foundation; in severe cases, you may even see the light from outside. These gaps are a sure sign that you need an immediate foundation repair.

Cabinets and built-ins pull away from the walls.

Cabinets and built-in shelving should be flush against the wall with no noticeable cracks or gaps. Unfortunately, cracks and crevices between cabinets and counters often appear due to a foundation problem. You may see cracks in the caulking, but the wider the gap, the more serious your foundation issues are. Therefore, it is best to remain attentive and have the problem diagnosed and repaired.

Gaps around your windows or doors.

When you look at the exterior windows of your home, do you see gaps between your masonry, siding, or windows? If it looks like the exterior of your home is pulling away, it indicates that you could have foundation troubles. The positive news is that we can often correct these foundation issues. Once fixed, you can work on patching cracks and sealing gaps so that your coastal plains home looks fantastic.

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