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Carolina Foundation Solutions Installs Richtech Industries ICC-ES Certified QuikFlo Pipe

Richtech Industries, manufacturer and national distributor of basement waterproofing products, recently announced that its QuikFlo Drainage System has received ICC-ES approval for residential installation. QuikFlo is an advanced drainage product designed specifically for foundation waterproofing.

The QuikFlo system is manufactured from PVC compound and consists of 8-foot-long extruded drainage drains and connectors that are used to connect the drainage channels to the drainage pipe which discharges to an approved area. QuikFlo minimizes gravel needed, utilizes air space, installs faster and drains the maximum amount of water in silt, sand and clay soils.

The drainage system collects water from under the floor slab. Water enters the drain through holes in the vertical face of the drain, passes through the system to outlet fittings that connect the QuikFlo to an approved discharge area.


Carolina Foundation Solutions exclusively carries and installs Richtech Industries  ICC-ES QuikFlo Drainage System. We use only the best and most proven products, equipment and material in the waterproofing industry. Check out a residential installation we completed using the QuikFlo system.

In need of residential waterproofing for your basement or crawlspace? Give us a call at (877) 770-7050 or contact us online to schedule your FREE estimate.

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