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Carolina Foundation Solutions Soil Screw Process

Embankments fall, soil collapses, erosion tears away the earth and causes mudslides, homes collapse, and damage to the community. When soil is on the move, the solution is simple – Install something that can stabilize and hold that soil in place. That is where Carolina Foundation Solution’s soil screw retention wall system is a perfect application. Our soil screw retention wall system is comprised of rust-resistant, galvanized steel soil screws, heavy-duty steel plating, steel knuckles, welded wire fencing, and a specialized geo-grid fabric, all designed to lock soil into place and prevent any future movement.

Seven-foot lead sections are drilled laterally into the embankment, and additional seven-foot extensions are attached until the desired depth and torque is achieved for maximum support. Geo-grid fabric is placed overtop of the soil screws to allow groundwater to drain down, which protects the soil from erosion. Next, the welded wire fencing is installed to hold both the fabric and the soil screws into place and is tied down until secure. Finally, each soil screw is equipped with heavy-duty steel plating, and everything gets locked in when steel knuckles are screwed into place.

Experience this process first-hand by watching the video below!

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