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What do basement waterproofing contractors provide?

Basement Fact: 93% of all water damage can be prevented, especially when you hire the right basement waterproofing contractors.

A basement is essentially a part of a home that is built in a hole in the ground it will inherently be at risk of water intrusion. By building a floor or level of a structure below ground, that portion of the structure is often built within the path of water and/or is surrounded by soils which contain fluctuating levels of water. Water can enter a house through any openings, joints and penetrations. Water can enter through the walls or from beneath the floors. Therefore it is important to invest in a system that properly manages and controls the path of water. It is important to invest in a system that truly protects, not a short term “fix” that claims and attempts to block water.

CBS specializes in providing repairs and solutions for wet and leaking basements, for wet and dirty crawlspaces, for bowing basement walls, for cracked basement walls, for settling and sagging floors and other basement and crawlspace problems. We offer a line of systems which are designed to best meet the need of your basement problems and best fit your budget. To ensure that your basement problems are properly put to rest, all of our waterproofing systems consist of the same critical components; a moisture barrier, a diverter, a drainage system, a sump pump, and a backup system. By placing the system beneath the floor slab, any hydrostatic pressure from under the foundation is also eliminated. Eliminating hydrostatic pressure is the key to preventing future water problems.

Call us at (877) 770-7050 for a FREE inspection of your home or fill out this form. Our experts will be happy to provide you with a complete waterproofing system to prevent you from experiencing a wet basement or damp crawlspace.

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