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How can water can leak into your foundation?

Basement Fact: As much as 5 gallons of water can get through a 1/4″ hole in your foundation per minute.

As learned previously, hydrostatic pressure often cause holes or cracks within basement walls that allow water to intrude into your basement or crawlspace. When water is not properly directed and controlled through the use of an adequate drainage and waterproofing system, the water can become trapped within the outlying soils along the exterior of the basement walls. As the water becomes trapped it exerts a force on to basement walls, a force which some walls were not built to withstand. This force can result in cracks within the basement walls. Depending upon the severity and locations of the cracks they can then allow leaks to occur. Depending upon the severity and locations of the cracks they could require structural repairs. At a rate of five gallons of water per minute, that can easily lead to wet walls and floors, leaving you standing in a puddle of mess.

Aside from cracks or holes, there are 13 common entryways for water to get into your basement or crawlspace.

1. Top of the Wall
2. Window Wells
3. Wall Cracks
4. Tie Rod Holes
5. Honeycomb
6. Sewer Pipe
7. Mortar Joint
8. Water Pipes Conduits
9. Floor Cracks
10. Sump Pump
11. Floor Drain
12. Floor & Wall Joint
13. Plugged Drain Tile

Carolina Foundation Solutions specializes in providing homeowners a complete waterproofing system to prevent you from experiencing a wet basement or damp crawlspace. Waterproofing components that prevent water intrusion from foundation cracks are moisture barriers and vapor barriers.

  • Moisture barrier (basement) – consists of a durable non-porous product which is applied to the interior side of the basement / foundation wall. Moisture barriers prevent all moisture from entering the interior of your basement. Moisture and dampness will continue to be found present within any basement that is waterproofed without a quality moisture barrier.
  • Vapor barrier (crawlspace) – a durable 14 mil vapor barrier system to block water vapor and help control the moisture levels.

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