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5 Signs of Foundation Problems

Your home is priceless, and it’s crucial that you protect it at all costs. It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance so as to extend your home’s life and performance; this includes familiarizing yourself with potential foundation issues so that you can be well-equipped should anything need to be updated.

A number of things can result in your foundation deteriorating, including heavy rain, poorly compacted soil, and plumbing leaks. Your geographic region can also affect your foundation’s resilience. Considering that the Carolinas and the Southeast are used to four seasons, changes in weather can result in an increase of the risk of your foundation’s integrity diminishing over time. The ability to identify symptoms of foundation issues can ultimately save you a lot of stress and money, and Carolina Foundation Solutions is here to guide you in determining if your home is in need of repair. Below, we’ve listed five significant signs that your foundation may be failing.

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Exterior Brick Cracks

Although it’s common for small fissures to develop over time due to age, it’s important to know where the line is drawn between normal and hazardous. Spotting horizontal cracks on your exterior bricks could indicate a shift in your foundation and an unusual amount of settling. Horizontal cracks are typically more concerning than vertical cracks, as they could be exhibiting that your house is under an immense amount of pressure.

Foundation/Concrete Slab Cracks

An upheaval of your foundation can be a result of forces such as moisture and frost. Heavy rains and problems with your plumbing can produce an overabundance of moisture trapped below your foundation. When this happens, this soil underneath can become extra heavy, pushing your foundation upwards. The shift can then result in the appearance of cracks.

Wall Cracks

Just as with exterior brick cracks, wall cracks that are noticeably horizontal can be a cause for concern. Cracks at a 45-degree angle may indicate a detrimental amount of foundation movement. Should this be the case, the sheetrock inside of your walls could potentially tear and lead to a whole mess of trouble.

Separation Around Doors and Windows

A common sign of a foundation issue is abnormal gaps around your windows and door frames. This can lead to drafts from your windows, ultimately resulting in uneven interior temperatures. Spaces in your door frames can lead to problems closing your doors, as it can be harder for them to fully latch. It can also cause your doors to stick, making it harder to get them open.

Cracks and Slopes in Floors

A slope in your floors is a telltale sign of foundation problems. Floors are prone to squeaking and sagging when impact pier and beam foundations are damaged. If the issue lies with concrete slabs, floors tend to be uneven. Both of these issues can be dangerous, so it’s vital to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

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Although noticeable cracks in your home can be a sign of foundation issues, it isn’t always the case. If you feel as though it may be, tackling the issue head-on is the best option if you want to prevent further damages. At Carolina Foundation Solutions, we’ve got a team of professionals who aim to provide only the best resources for your home. Family-owned, we are committed to providing high-quality service to the residents of North and South Carolina. Considering your home is one of your biggest investments, we want to ensure that it is properly taken care of so that it can properly take care of you.

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