Helical Piers for New Construction in the Carolinas

Every new structure needs a strong foundation. The problem is that many parts of North and South Carolina have soil with poor load-bearing characteristics. Even when building on seemingly stable ground, it’s wise to reinforce the foundation to prevent soil settlement and the problems it leads to, including cracked foundations, bulging footings, buckling slabs, and tilting chimneys.

Helical piers are an advanced construction solution that structural engineers have perfected over the years. They help overcome the limitations of poor soil to provide a firm foundation for houses and other buildings. Carolina Foundation Solutions offers residential new construction helical piers to ensure structural stability in your upcoming house-building project.

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What are Helical Piers for New Residential Construction?

A helical pier is a steel foundation pin that resembles a giant screw. Available in round and square-shaft versions, helical piers are often used when building in challenging soil conditions. They are threaded deep into the ground using specialized equipment, eliminating the need to perform a large, expensive, time-consuming excavation.

At CFS, we take pride in using the best products available. That’s why we are a certified CHANCE installer. All helical pier products manufactured by CHANCE are ICC-ES certified and constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel made in the USA. In addition to our Lifetime Warranty coverage, CHANCE also offers a 30-year Peace of Mind warranty.

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Do I Need Helical Piers for My Construction Project?

The piling is one of the most important aspects of building a strong, resilient foundation. Many new homes are built without helical piers because they’re not required by code and they may increase the project cost. However, investing in helical piers today could prevent foundation shifting and movement in the future.

New construction helical piers provide numerous benefits and are highly recommended in many instances, including:

  • Poor soil conditions
  • Limited access areas
  • Remote or wetland areas
  • High-capacity applications
  • Winter construction projects
  • Temporary footing applications
  • Projects with vertical and horizontal load stabilization requirements
  • Jobs where a quick, efficient installation is needed
  • Locations that require protection against foundation freezing, cracking, and heaving

Carolina Foundation Solutions can help you determine if helical piers are appropriate for your project. Schedule a free inspection with our foundation experts today!

Helical Piers for Foundation Repair

In addition to their usefulness in new construction projects, helical piers can also be implemented in foundation repair work. They provide support and stabilization for sections of a foundation that have experienced settling. This is done by transferring the weight of the structure from the footing down to a more stable layer of load-bearing soil.

If you need foundation repair in NC or SC, contact Carolina Foundation Solutions for a service estimate today.

Why Choose CFS for Residential New Construction Piers?

CFS is a family-owned and -operated company with one overarching goal—to provide our customers with foundation solutions that are second to none. We offer well over 100 years of combined experience in this specialized industry. Today, our portfolio consists of a wide range of residential and commercial foundation services performed throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and surrounding states.

To work with a reputable, award-winning helical pier installer and foundation repair company, please contact CFS at 1-877-770-7050. We proudly serve Charlotte, Burlington, Wilmington, Asheville, Fort Mill, Charleston, Raleigh, and Spartanburg.

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