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Carolina Foundation Solutions provides reliable, top-notch foundation slab repair service. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team has the expertise to determine the root cause of slab problems and the best options for addressing them.

We work with reputable licensed engineers throughout the Carolinas to ensure we’re always delivering the best possible solutions to repair residential concrete slabs.

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What Causes Cracks in Concrete Slabs?

Residential concrete slabs are durable and long-lasting. As concrete ages, however, it dries and shrinks. This can cause foundations to crack.

Minor cracks in a concrete slab may not cause significant damage. Whether they warrant immediate attention will depend on:

  • The magnitude or width of cracks
  • The presence of vertical displacement along the cracks

Along with aging, slab settling or sinking is another reason foundation slabs crack. This occurs when the soil beneath a concrete foundation moves, which can occur with:

  • Drought conditions
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Drainage issues
  • Slab leaks (from the water or sewer lines below or within a slab)
  • Consolidation of backfilled soils that were poorly compacted
  • Decomposition or decay of soil materials
  • Soil erosion
  • And more

Just as the causes of foundation cracks can vary, so too can the options for repairing slabs.

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Signs You Need Concrete Slab Repair

It’s not always easy to know when your foundation slab is cracked and it’s time to call for repair service. If you’re aware of these telltale signs of foundation problems, however, you’ll be ready to call CFS for essential repairs that can prevent further damage:

  • A cracking or sinking garage floor, driveway, or concrete patio
  • Sloping concrete floors in or outside of your home
  • Cracks in walls made of sheetrock, drywall, or plaster
  • Difficulties opening or closing doors in your home
  • Separation of flooring materials in your home

If you have noticed any of these issues, now’s the time to call CFS for foundation slab repair. These problems will only get worse with time, and they can end up causing extensive, expensive damage. Don’t let that happen.

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Slab Foundation Repair Options

At CFS, our goal is to provide the best-fit foundation repair options to restore our clients’ slabs in the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner possible.

We do this by determining which methods will address the underlying issue that has caused the slab to crack, sink, or otherwise become damaged. Whenever possible, we look for alternatives to tearing out and replacing concrete.

Here’s a look at some of the various options for foundation slab repair.

Epoxy Injection & Stitch Welding

Depending on the severity and the cause of the cracks, epoxy injection repair or an epoxy stitch weld repair may be a viable repair option:

  • Epoxy injection repair involves applying or injecting a high-strength epoxy compound within the existing cracks to bond and seal the severed areas.
  • Epoxy stitch weld repair requires injecting the epoxy material, along with carbon fiber strips or staples, to provide slabs with additional reinforcement.

When slab cracks are caused by substantial movement of the concrete, stabilizing the foundation can require some combination of:

  • Concrete slab lifting
  • Pressure grouting
  • Polyurethane foam-injection grouting
  • Installing helical piers with slab brackets

Polyurethane Foam Injection

The polyurethane foam-injection grouting procedure is a type of pressure grouting that is performed like other grouting but:

  • Creates less mess
  • Requires less material curing time
  • Can be done by drilling much smaller holes

With this type of foundation slab repair, we drill holes through the concrete slab. Then, we inject an Alchemy Polymers polyurethane foam product into the holes. This product is a two-component, high-strength, hydro-insensitive structural polymer foam.

The material is lightweight and provides immediate results that:

  • Fill any voids that may exist between the bottom of the concrete slab and the top of the soils
  • Consolidate loose and soft soils located along the upper layers of the underlying soils
  • Create a more solid base for the slab to prevent further movement in the future

Installation of Helical Piers With Slab Brackets

Another common option for providing repairs to settled sections of concrete slabs is the installation of helical piers with slab brackets. The helical piers transfer the weight of the concrete from the base of the slab down to a layer of suitable load-bearing soils.

This method of repair is generally ideal when the underlying soils are soft and unstable at depths well beyond the first few feet from the surface.

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Carolina Foundation Solutions specializes in repairing cracked and settling concrete slabs. We have the expertise, backed by cutting-edge equipment and the industry’s most reliable materials, to get any foundation repair job done right the first time.

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CFS is a certified CHANCE Installer and trained Alchemy Polymers installer. CHANCE is the oldest and most trusted manufacturer of helical pier products in the world. Alchemy Polymers is an industry leader, providing the most powerful polymer products around.

For more information about Alchemy Polymers products, click here. To see examples of recent slab repairs we’ve completed, visit our Facebook page.

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