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Real Estate Round Up: What To Do Before You List Your Home

So you’re thinking of selling your home? Summer is a great time to put your home on the market due to warmer weather, school breaks, vacation time to visit open houses and tax-return lined pockets. Moreover, the economies in the Carolinas’ continue to be strong in 2018 with North Carolina being in the top 10 states with strong real estate markets this year and with South Carolina following closely behind attracting more residents from tourism and manufacturing jobs. Both North and South Carolina are healthy seller’s markets further solidifying it’s a great time to put your home for sale. Before you list your home, there are important steps you should take to make sure your property is in tip-top shape.

  1. Hire a real estate agent and have them walk through your home and around your property to offer suggestions on repairs or improvements that may help sell your house.
  2. Maintain your landscaping including lawn, garden, trees and shrubs.
  3. Have your chimney and fireplace checked and cleaned.
  4. Deep clean and declutter the interior of your home.
  5. Make minor fixes, such as repairing any leaks, giving a surface a fresh coat of paint or replacing knobs and handles on cabinets.

The first item on the list is extremely important, as this is a time that will allow you and your real estate agent to look for signs and symptoms, such as horizontal or stair step cracks, sloping floors, sticking windows and doors, tilting chimneys that can point to foundation problems. If you suspect any of these issues, it is best to hire a professional, such as a structural engineer to properly diagnose the problem and schedule a formal home inspection. If foundation damage is found, sellers have two options: 1) fix the problem before listing or 2) disclose the foundation issues in your listing. If you choose option one you are taking responsibility and must acknowledge the costs associated with the repair as this is not a simple patch job. If you choose option two, you must consider how this problem can affect your listing price and possibly consider lowering your price. It is recommended that you hire your own engineer or home inspector before you list your home in the case that if issues are found there is adequate time to reach out to a foundation repair contractor, which will allow any necessary repairs to be completed in a timely manner that will not delay your closing.

Call Carolina Foundation Solutions to schedule a FREE consultation at 877-770-7050 or fill out this brief form. Our technical consultant will provide you a permanent solution to your foundation problems. We make a conscious effort to schedule consultations and repairs with you in mind, especially in times of closing. Our products and repairs are backed by warranty, with some including a Life of Structure warranty to give you added peace of mind.

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