Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect after I call Carolina Foundation Solutions?

Carolina Foundation Solutions will schedule a time for one of our certified professional representatives to meet with you at your property and access the concerns at hand. We attempt to set a time and day during our business hours in a manner that best accommodates each of our clients.  You will receive a confirmation of the appointment along with a profile of the representative who is scheduled to visit with you.  The profile will include a photograph that will allow you to recognize that representative at the time that they are to arrive for the scheduled visit.  Our representative will assess the issues and concerns which exist and will then provide honest feedback, guidance, and recommendations.  The steps which shall follow will depend upon the existing issues, the potential repairs which may be needed, and the local requirements.  The governmental requirements and regulations pertaining to foundation repairs and structural repairs differ in the various communities and states across the Carolinas.  Our certified professional representative will discuss those requirements with you.  Those local requirements will dictate the actions to be taken to ensure that you are in compliance.

Is Carolina Foundation Solutions insured and licensed?

Carolina Foundation Solutions is a licensed general contractor in North Carolina and in South Carolina. Carolina Foundation Solutions is insured and can provide certificates of insurance to provide you with peace of mind.

Yes, we are insured and in some jurisdictions we are bonded as required by local statues. Carolina Foundation Solutions is a licensed GC in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Does Carolina Foundation Solutions use contracted labor?

Carolina Foundation Solutions uses our own employees.  Employees are subjected to background checks, pre-hire and random drug testing.  Our crews are certified installers of our various materials.

From the initial phone call to our customer service center through the installation process, every person you deal with at Carolina Foundation Solutions a thoroughly trained employee.

How long has Carolina Foundation Solutions been in business?

Carolina Foundation Solutions has been in business since 2002.

Why is the Carolina Foundation Solutions foundation repair system the most preferred method of foundation repair?

All of our crews are certified by the companies from which we purchase our materials. Our crews consist of professionals that have been vetted and selected knowing that they will be at your home.  We use AB Chance products which are ICC certified and produced with ISO certifications.  In addition to our Life of Structure warranty, AB Chance also provides a 30 year warranty.  AB Chance has been in business since 1912 and continues to be the leader in the industry.  We have been the AB Chance Dealer of the Year in the Southeastern United States for multiple years.  We will also help you to comply with local and state laws and regulations.

Does Carolina Foundation Solutions have any references that can be provided?

We are extremely proud of the service and care that we provide for each of our customers. We have an extensive list of references available that can be provided upon request.  Your local Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List are also excellent options for references and reviews.

Where is Carolina Foundation Solutions located?

We have people and locations throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Our main office is centrally located in Burlington, NC.  We have multiple other offices, people, and locations strategically placed across the Carolinas to provide assistance and service promptly and efficiently for customers all throughout NC & SC.

Is Carolina Foundation Solutions an engineering firm?

We are not an engineering firm, nor do we have an engineer on staff. NC laws does not allow a contractor to use an engineer that is on the contractor’s payroll.  The P.E. must be working for an engineering firm. We feel that there is a conflict of interest with having an engineer and therefore we work with and recommend the services of many reputable licensed professional engineers located throughout the Carolinas.

Is Carolina Foundation Solutions a member of any trade organizations?

Carolina Foundation Solutions is active in various associations and organizations which include Carolinas Association of General Contractors (CAGC), Foundation Repair Association of North Carolina (FRANC), CHANCE Alliance Network (CAN), Structural Engineers Association (SEA) of North Carolina, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Angie’s List.

Are foundation repairs covered under homeowners insurance?

Most insurance policies do not cover foundation repairs.  We advise that you check with your agent to better understand your policy coverage prior to filing an official claim

Will Carolina Foundation Solutions provide a written estimate?

Carolina Foundation Solutions can provide an on-the-spot written estimate in some communities and must have a remediation plan before a written estimate can be provided in other jurisdictions.

Yes, the homeowner will receive a written proposal based upon state guidelines, based upon the remediation plan.

How much do you charge for an inspection?

There is no charge for our inspection.

Carolina Foundation Solutions will always provide an inspection of your foundation or other damages for free, in compliance with state laws.

What is the average price for foundation repairs?

The price for foundation repairs can significantly vary. One of the most determining factors is how much of an area is experiencing (or has experienced) movement, and therefore how many helical piers would be required.  Based on our experience and the repairs we have completed throughout the Carolinas over the years, the average foundation repair job is priced at approximately $4000.

How much does a helical pier cost?

The price for the installation of a helical pier can vary, depending upon the quantity of helical piers which are to be installed on a given job, the method in which the helical piers are to be installed, the accessibility available for the installation of the helical piers, the installed depth of the helical piers, and the type of helical pier systems required. Based on our experience, the average price for the installation of helical piers can range from $1,000 to $1,500 per pier.

How can I tell if I have foundation problems?

Common symptoms and signs of foundation problems associated with foundation settlement are cracks along the exterior of your home (cracks in brick walls, stucco walls, or block walls), cracks around windows or doors, doors or windows that are sticking or are out of alignment, and/or sloping and sagging of floors.

What causes foundation settlement?

The primary cause for settlement and movement within a foundation is movement within the supporting soils. Movement within the supporting soils can be simply a result of the soil types that naturally exist and the tendency of those soils to shift and move with changes within moisture content, temperature change, etc.  There are many different types of soils that are native to North Carolina and South Carolina.  Many of these various types of soils undergo continuous movement and at different rates.  Extreme drought conditions as well as long extended periods of heavy rainfall can both significantly impact changes and movement within the soils.  The presence of poorly compacted backfilled soils and/or the presence of roots, tree stumps, and/or construction debris buried within the backfilled soils are other causes for movement within the supporting soils.  If backfilled soils are not properly compacted, they will consolidate and settle down over time.  The consolidation of backfilled soils can easily result in settlement within the structure above.  Unfortunately the conditions and types of soils which exist below the surface can be unknown and can be unpredictable, but the one major contributing factor and cause for foundation settlement can often be prevented or controlled.  One of the most common causes for foundation settlement is drainage issues.  Failure to properly divert and channel water away from the foundation will often result in foundation settlement.

Do I need to be present for the inspection?

It is advantageous for the owner of the property to be present for the inspection.  Not only will the owner be provided with a thorough explanation of the condition of your property, the remediation plan, and the actions required to execute that plan.

Yes the Carolina Foundation Solutions representative may need access into the home and will need to discuss various aspects depending upon his observations.

What will happen if I don’t repair my foundation?

There may or may not be additional damage that occurs if the problem is not addressed.  You should have a professional inspect your foundation to determine if further action is required.

Are building permits required for the repairs to my home?

The permit requirements vary depending upon the type of repair work that is to be performed and the municipality in which the repair work is to be performed. CFS is a charter member of FRANC, which is an organization which strives to encourage and enforce that companies within the foundation repair industry follow the state and local rules and regulations. Therefore it is our goal to ensure that any and all repairs that are proposed or performed are done so following the guidelines and requirements set.

Are the services of an engineer required for foundation repairs?

In the State of NC, the services of a licensed professional engineer are indeed required when and where structure repairs are needed. The State of NC requires that a licensed professional engineer (or an employee of the engineering firm) be the one to evaluate a structural concern and then be the one to specify and design the necessary repairs.  These determinations and specifications from the engineer must be provided prior to the foundation repair contractor providing a quote and/or performing the repairs.  Carolina Foundation Solutions can provide the names and contact information for numerous qualified engineers throughout North Carolina and South Carolina who can provide assistance if needed.

Can foundation repairs be performed during the winter time?

Most of the repairs that we perform do not require the use of concrete and therefore most of the repairs can be performed any time of the year, regardless of the weather conditions or temperatures.

What is the difference between “mudjacking”, “slab jacking”, “pressure grouting”, and “foam injection”?

There are many terms and phrases used to describe the many different methods and procedures of lifting and leveling concrete slabs which have settled. “Slab jacking” or “slabjacking” is a generic phrase that encompasses many different methods and materials that can be used for lifting and leveling concrete slabs.  “Pressure grouting” is often defined as the use of a cement based grout material pumped beneath an existing concrete slab with the purpose and intent to lift and level.  “Mudjacking” typically relates to a very similar procedure but using a slightly different material, often a blend of special mud-like soils.  “Foam injection” or “polyurethane foam grouting” is a method of concrete leveling and lifting using an expansive polyurethane foam.

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