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Have you noticed cracks within the interior walls of your home? These types of issues can simply be a result of aging and normal settling of your home, but they can also be symptoms or signs of more significant issues.

Cracks and separation within the joints, corners, and seams of the wall covering materials (sheetrock / drywall) can certainly occur and to some degree can be expected. Cracks and separation within the wall covering materials, cracks and separation within decorative trim, and cracks and separation within other finish products can occur as the house and as the various components age. The separation and cracking can be a result of materials such as caulking and drywall joint component drying out. They can also be a result of the wood framing materials changing shape as they age. However, they can also be a result caused by movement within the structure. As movement within the structure (the foundation, the slab, and/or other supporting members) occurs, it can cause shifting within the wood framing members and therefore within the wall covering materials.

The cracks found within the interior walls of a home that are caused by foundation settlement or slabs sinking can vary in shape, size, and location. These cracks can be found within the seams of the wall covering materials and run within a straight path, but they often span diagonally through the actual sheetrock, drywall, or plaster material. Cracks and separation within the interior walls are also frequently accompanied by other symptoms such as doors and windows that do not properly operate, sloping within the floors, and cracks and/or separation within the exterior side of the walls (the brick, block, stone, and/or siding materials). If you notice any of these types of issues and wish to receive input and assistance, contact us for a free evaluation.

With well over 100 years of combined experience, Carolina Foundation Solutions can provide the best solutions available to resolve your problems. We work with many reputable licensed engineers throughout the Carolinas to help determine the precise problems and the proper solution.

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