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An earth retention system, earth support system, or earth stabilization system is defined by a system or structure that is implemented and constructed with the purpose of retaining, supporting, reinforcing, and/or securing a mass of soils or other materials. Whether it is permanent or temporary, Carolina Foundation Solutions can help with the installation of an effective earth retention system which can often be a critical step within the beginning stages of a construction project.

An earth retention system is often required to resist the lateral pressure of soils when and where there is a desired change in ground elevation adjacent to an existing mass of soils. There are many types of earth retention systems, so it is important to understand the existing soil conditions as well as the demands and requirements when and where an earth retention system is needed.

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Permanent Shoring

When permanent shoring is needed, Carolina Foundation Solutions has the experience and expertise needed to get the job done. We are trained and certified installers of CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors, which are commonly used as an effective and reliable method of providing permanent lateral support for soils along deep cuts, slopes, and excavations. Our ability and expertise with installing helical tieback anchors allows us to provide the perfect shoring solution in limited access areas or areas where large excavations, cleanup, and vibrations are a concern.

Temporary Shoring

When temporary shoring is needed, time and cost can often be two important factors. Carolina Foundation Solutions is able to provide very cost-effective solutions through the use of CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors. The installation of helical tieback anchors is fast, the anchors provide immediate and accurate results where lateral support is needed. The helical tieback anchors can be integrated into many existing systems, particularly when additional lateral support is needed for soldier piling and lagging systems or driven steel sheet wall systems.

Slope Stabilization

Whether it is a steep cut that is to be made or it is an existing embankment, Carolina Foundation Solutions specializes in providing solutions when slope stabilization is needed. Carolina Foundation Solutions provides systems ranging from the installation of CHANCE Soil Screws, to the installation of driven soil nails, to the placement of mesh and wire materials. The various systems we offer can be installed quickly and installed where access is limited.

CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors

The “screw anchor” has been in existence for centuries and has been proven to be an effective system for many different types of applications. Since 1912, CHANCE has been the leader in the manufacturing of helical products. The CHANCE Helical Anchors are a pre-engineered mechanical anchoring system that has routinely been used within the electric utilities industry for decades. Because of the versatility and effectiveness of the CHANCE® Helical Anchors, they have also been proven to be one of the best options available for repairs to failing seawalls, for construction of new seawalls, for temporary or permanent earth retention, etc.

Whether it is temporary or permanent shoring, the CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors are a perfect solution for earth retention systems. The CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors are a time-saving and cost-effective anchoring solution, which utilize instant torque-to-capacity feedback as a built-in means of quality control that eliminates uncertainty for engineers and contractors, providing quality throughout the project.

Advantages of CHANCE® Helical Tieback Anchors:

  • Low mobilization costs
  • Installed with small equipment
  • Pre-engineered system
  • Fast installation
  • Installs in any weather conditions
  • Allows for immediate loading, no waiting for concrete to cure
  • No spoils created
  • No vibration
  • Quality control – field measurable torque
  • Can be installed from land side or water side
  • Can be removed and extracted for temporary applications
  • Consists of hot-dipped galvanized recycled steel, made in the USA
  • Consists of products that are ICC-ES Certified
  • Requires no excavation
  • Requires no de-watering


  • There is no need to plan for the mobilization of large equipment, as required for drilled anchors / conventional grouted tendons.
  • There is no need to move around or haul off spoils, which are created with drilled anchors / conventional grouted tendons.
  • There will be no need to wait for the perfect weather conditions.
  • There will be no need to wait for concrete to cure.
  • There will be no second guessing or additional and extensive testing required to confirm the anchors have reached the proper depth/length.
  • The helical anchors are environmentally safe.

Carolina Foundation Solutions is a certified CHANCE Installer and takes pride in using the best materials and providing the best solutions in the industry. For any projects that may require tieback anchoring systems, please feel free to contact us.

For more information about CHANCE helical anchor products visit: For examples of recent projects performed by CFS visit the Portfolio page or our Facebook page.

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