Trusted & Professional Commercial Structural Repairs

At Carolina Foundation Solutions, our family-owned organization takes great care to apply the appropriate solution with each job we perform. You can depend on our expertise and the quality of our services, whether we are repairing a settling foundation, reversing the bow on a basement wall, or repairing a damaged slab.

We understand the inherent complexities involved in repairing commercial and industrial structures in North and South Carolina. In fact, each member of our team maintains a level of expertise and certification that is far above industry standards. This allows us to correct even the most difficult problems by applying the most advanced solutions.

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Common Factors That Damage Commercial Foundations

Many factors can cause damage to a commercial foundation. Plumbing leaks, seasonal conditions, poor drainage, and improper construction are the most common causes of foundation damage in North Carolina and South Carolina. Over time, fluctuations in the water table, corrosion, and soil pressure changes can also cause a foundation to fail.

Many times, several factors combine to exacerbate the extent of the damage. That is why we perform a thorough inspection of every commercial site we work on before we proceed with a repair. Our goal is to ensure that we treat and correct each specific problem before it can undermine the structure's stability.

Contact Carolina Foundation Solutions at 1-877-770-7050 to discuss the problems within your foundation and the potential causes. We will answer your questions and start the process of finding the most effective solution for your needs.

Our Commercial Foundation Services in NC & SC

Deep Foundation Systems & Helical Piers

CFS can install and repair telecommunications, tower, pipeline, and solar foundations. Our team members are certified specialists in the use of helical anchors, piles, and other deep foundation services. Our deep foundation systems services include applying these solutions to boardwalks, walkways, and bridge foundations.

Wall Reinforcements & Repairs

We utilize high-end carbon reinforcement materials to strengthen and repair problems with falling walls. This includes repairing cracked concrete columns, repairing bowed walls, and realigning shifting corners. Our team can also utilize CHANCE helical tieback anchors to anchor the wall in your commercial structure.

Concrete Slab Repair & Replacement

There are many ways to repair/replace a concrete slab in your commercial structure. We have the skills, expertise, and equipment required to pressure grout, inject polyurethane foam, install carbon fiber reinforcement, and more.

Underpinning Systems

Supporting soil that doesn't support the structure can create significant instability within a commercial building. When the soil beneath your foundation isn't supporting the building, our underpinning services can shore up the foundation and prevent future damage to the building.

Seawall & Marine Foundation Solutions

Many seawalls and marine constructions in North Carolina and South Carolina require the addition of lateral stability. For these, we typically apply helical tieback anchors, which have proven themselves highly effective at quickly delivering the desired tension and stability.

Industries & Businesses We Service

  • Apartment buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels & hospitality structures
  • Schools & universities
  • Food service providers
  • Office buildings
  • Medical offices
  • Retail centers
  • Strip malls
  • Industrial structures
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Automotive companies

Contact Carolina Foundation Solutions at 1-877-770-7050 to learn more about the commercial foundation services our team provides to commercial clients throughout NC and SC or schedule an inspection with one of our offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Greensboro, or Cowpens. 

Commercial Services

Repairs & Installation Services for Deep Foundations

Earth Retention


Wall Reinforcement

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We are honored to have Carolina Foundation Solutions as part of our development team for our industrial construction project. Their work is exemplary, They require limited supervision, have professional staff and they completed their work ahead of schedule. Great folks to work with!
- Kathy G.
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