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Safeguard Your Home from Summer Mold

Summer is often a favorite time of year for many due to the warmer weather, longer days and vacation time, but these sunny days have a cost. The summer heat coupled with damp, humid air foster an environment that welcomes mold, which can find its way into our homes and be detrimental to the structural integrity of our property, our health and our pockets.

Mold, mildew, and rot can be found almost anywhere and can grow on windows, piping, exterior walls, wallpaper, drywall, roof, carpeting, cloth, and furniture where there is a build up of condensation. Along with affecting your household area and furnishings, the space will acquire a musty, unpleasant smell and the mold will discolor materials, damage furniture and generally make basement and crawlspaces unpleasant. According to the Journal of Property Management, a single square inch of drywall can contain between 1 and 10 million mold spores. It only takes three to five spores to affect a human and begin experiencing symptoms, such as runny nose, watery eyes mild allergic reactions headaches, scratchy throat nausea, fatigue and general breathing discomfort. Aside from affecting your health, mold can negatively affect your home value decreasing it by 20% or more. The key to avoid negative property, health and budget affects  of mold growth is to be proactive in preventing its growth in the first place.

The only way to prevent mold growth is to control indoor humidity.  It is recommended to keep indoor humidity levels between 30-60 percent to decrease mold growth. This can be attained by venting bathrooms and dryers to the outside, increasing ventilation with fans or open windows, and using an environmental system. HVAC systems and air conditioners are the saviors of summer and can help reduce humidity in turn reducing the chance of a mold infestation. It is of utmost importance to ensure that no copious, recurring amounts of water settle anywhere in your home, especially in areas such as a basement or crawlspace. These darker, damper –  and in the case of crawlspaces more inaccessible areas – invite mold growth. You can take steps to reduce the chance of an infestation even further by installing a dehumidifier in your basement or crawlspace. 

Summer is a time to get away and play, but don’t let your home maintenance take a vacation. If you find you have a mold infestation, know that you are not alone. Mold is more common in homes today than it was 50 years ago and over 50 percent of homes experience mold problems. Call Carolina Foundation Solutions at (877) 770-7050 or click here to schedule a FREE inspection and put your mold problems to rest.

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