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A building is only as sound as its foundation, and because foundations aren't readily visible, they can develop hidden severe issues that require repair. The climate in Shelby is typical of North Carolina, with plenty of humidity and moisture that can compromise your business or home's foundation if you don't take proper precautions and make repairs when needed.

Carolina Foundation Solutions has built a reputation as NC's trusted partner in foundation services since 2002. 

If you're experiencing any symptoms of a compromised foundation, call us at 1-877-770-7050 or describe your situation online for a prompt response from our knowledgeable team.

Residential Foundation Services in Shelby, NC

The prospect of foundation problems in your home is a serious source of stress, especially if you're unsure what to look for. It's tempting to attribute signs of foundation trouble to the normal aging of your home, especially if it's on the older side. However, being vigilant and looking for these symptoms of foundation issues can alert you when it's time to seek residential foundation services, including:

  • Doors and windows are harder to open or stick shut
  • Cracks are forming in your drywall
  • Floors appear to be sinking
  • Crown molding is pulling away from the ceiling
  • Walls in your basement are bowing
  • Wallpaper is creasing or wrinkling
  • The patio is pulling away from your home

Carolina Foundation Solutions provides Shelby homeowners with long-lasting and trustworthy foundation repair so you can feel more confident in your home's structural integrity. We also offer:

Don't let your foundation problem develop further; call Carolina Foundation Solutions at 1-877-770-7050 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

Commercial Foundation Services in Shelby, NC

Running a business is enough of a challenge on its own and adding a failing foundation to the mix doesn't make things easier. Carolina Foundation Solutions is proud to provide Shelby property owners with efficient, expert services, including:

Carolina Foundation Solutions can provide the repairs necessary to keep a failing foundation from threatening your property's safety and your livelihood. 

Call us today at 1-877-770-7050 or schedule your appointment online.

North Carolina's Premier Foundation Company

No ordinary foundation contractors will do when it comes to your foundation in Shelby, NC. Carolina Foundation Solutions is family-owned and local, with more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry. Our award-winning service comes from highly trained technicians who treat your property with the respect it deserves for repairs that last. 

If you need foundation services or repair in Shelby, NC, don't hesitate to call us at 1-877-770-7050 to schedule your appointment or tell us more about your needs online.

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Very professional and knowledgeable. Work on our foundation was completed in a timely manner and as painlessly as possible. Also, the transferable life of structure warranty provided with the repairs was very helpful when it came time for us to sell our home. I would absolutely do business with them again and I recommend them to any of my friends who find themselves in need of foundation repairs.
- Holly P.
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