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Foundation settlement, a cracking concrete slab, or bowing basement walls are a nightmare for any Rock Hill homeowner. These issues are alarming and can manifest throughout your home as cracks in your drywall, windows, and doors that won’t open or close well, sloping floors, and more. You may be concerned about the safety and structural integrity of your home, as well as the expense of repairing deep structural issues. Fortunately, there is something you can do: call Carolina Foundation Solutions for quick and effective intervention.

As experts in foundation repair, our highly trained team can get to the bottom of your home’s underlying issues. We provide cost-effective, lasting solutions that resolve foundation problems and prevent further damage, all with minimal disruption to your home. We’ve been troubleshooting and repairing everything from residential foundations to commercial concrete slabs since 2002. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for top-quality workmanship and superb customer service. When you need effective solutions for your foundation issues, trust Carolina Foundation Solutions!

Contact Carolina Foundation Solutions at 877-770-7050 for a free inspection on foundation, slab, and retaining wall repair for your Rock Hill, SC property.

Residential Foundation Contractors in Rock Hill

Finding evidence of structural damage in your home can feel overwhelming. If you notice cracks in your concrete slab, chimney, basement walls, or retaining wall, rest assured that these issues can be resolved. These problems impact the safety, integrity, and value of your home, so don’t wait – call the experts at Carolina Foundation Solutions. The sooner you bring us in, the sooner we can assess the damage and develop a solution before the problem worsens.

We provide free estimates, so call us when you’re in need of our residential services:

  • Concrete slab repair: Over time, your home’s concrete slab may crack, shift, settle, or sink due to soil conditions or improper construction procedures. Our experts will assess the situation to identify the underlying cause, then implement a lasting solution.
  • Foundation repair: Cracks in your walls and separation around your doors and windows may signal that you are in need of foundation repair. Foundation settlement is fairly common in Rock Hill homes, and CFS has years of experience correcting it quickly and permanently.
  • Chimney repair: As your chimney settles, it may start to lean or pull away from your home. This is more common than you might think, but CFS has the solution. By installing underpinning helical piers, we can support and stabilize your chimney.
  • Basement wall repair and reinforcement: If you have cracked and/or bowing walls in your basement, call CFS to take a look. These issues have a number of causes, and therefore they also have a number of solutions that require expert knowledge.
  • Retaining wall repair and reinforcement: Retaining walls have the important job of shoring up and protecting the soil your home sits on. A leaning, cracked, or bowing retaining wall threatens the safety and integrity of your home, so call for quick repair.

Signs Your Rock Hill Home May Need Foundation Repair

A settling, sinking, or shifting foundation will cause issues throughout your home, so be on the lookout for these signs:

  1. Doors & windows don’t open & shut as easily as they used to
  2. Cracks in the interior walls on the drywall, as well as cracks on the outside of your home
  3. Gaps between crown molding & the ceiling
  4. Gaps between caulking & windows or doors
  5. Sunken floors or a sinking foundation
  6. Patios that have pulled away from your home
  7. Wallpaper creases & wrinkles
  8. Nail pops (small, cracked circles where the nail pulls away from the drywall or sheetrock)
  9. Sloping floors
  10. Bowed basement walls

If you’ve noticed some or all of the signs above, call CFS for a free inspection on foundation repair at your home in Rock Hill, SC. Contact us online or give us a call at 877-770-7050.

Commercial Foundation Contractors in Rock Hill

In addition to our extensive residential services, CFS also provides a wide range of commercial services for businesses throughout the Rock Hill, SC area.

  • Boardwalk, walkway, and bridge foundation reinforcement: Sensitive soils or poor terrain present unique challenges for the structural integrity of boardwalks, walkways, and bridges. Call CFS for the specialized expertise needed to ensure the stability of these load-bearing structures.
  • Concrete slab repair and replacement: When the concrete slab at your Rock Hill property needs repair, choose CFS for cost effective, long-lasting solutions. We have the resources and expertise needed to lift, level, and stabilize commercial concrete slabs.
  • Deep foundation system installation: Do you have the perfect location for your new Rock Hill commercial building, but it’s threatened by poor or unstable soil? We can stabilize your structure quickly and effectively with CHANCE Helical Piles.
  • Earth retention services: We construct both permanent and temporary earth retention systems for commercial construction projects in Rock Hill. Our team factors everything into the design of our earth retention services to ensure that they meet the needs of your project.
  • Installation of telecommunications, tower, pipeline, and solar foundations: CFS can design specialized support for utility equipment in the presence of poor or unstable soils. We use CHANCE Helical Piles and CHANCE Helical Anchors as an ideal solution for many deep foundation applications.
  • Seawall and marine construction, shoring, and repair: Marine construction presents challenging conditions and requires expert design to account for all site conditions. At CFS, we offer quick solutions for stabilization and shoring can be installed from land or water, and do not require the excavation of soils, or the use of grout or concrete.
  • Underpinning system installation: We design underpinning systems to shore and protect the foundation of your commercial structure. Whether you’ve added significant weight to your building or its supporting soils have become unstable, we’ll develop the perfect solution.
  • Wall reinforcement and repair: Depending on the situation, we use either carbon fiber reinforcement straps (CFR) and/or CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors to stabilize and support walls that are in need of additional reinforcement and/or lateral support.

For a free inspection at your commercial property in Rock Hill, SC, simply contact CFS at 877-770-7050.

Contact CFS for a Free Foundation Repair Inspection in Rock Hill, SC

As a family-owned and -operated businesses local to the Carolinas, we work with care to repair and reinforce essential components of your home or commercial property. Our solutions are designed around your building’s unique circumstances, taking all factors into account. Our highly trained experts implement lasting solutions using only the best products, equipment, and materials available. In our commitment to quality, we absolutely never cut corners and always use methods that have the best long-term outcome for your home or business.

We’ve worked tirelessly since 2002 to earn a reputation for unmatched service and workmanship. In addition to the trust and loyalty of homeowners across Rock Hill, this approach has earned us:

  • An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • The Angie’s List Super Service Award – four times!
  • The Dealer of the Year Award – four times!
  • The Consumer Choice Award for Excellence in Customer Service by Foundation Technologies, Inc.

Contact CFS at 877-770-7050 for foundation repair service at your commercial or residential property in Rock Hill.

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Very professional and knowledgeable. Work on our foundation was completed in a timely manner and as painlessly as possible. Also, the transferable life of structure warranty provided with the repairs was very helpful when it came time for us to sell our home. I would absolutely do business with them again and I recommend them to any of my friends who find themselves in need of foundation repairs.
- Holly P.
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