Slab, Foundation & Retaining Wall Repair in Leland, NC

Leland is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Carolina and the country, with a population growth of more than 50% since 2020. That means more people buy homes in the city, and more people are unaware of how NC's coastal climate affects their home's foundation. Suppose you're experiencing foundation issues, big or small. In that case, it's essential to work with a foundation contractor well-versed in NC soil conditions and one who has the expertise to make your foundation, retaining walls, or chimney stronger than ever.

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Residential Foundation Repair in Leland

Finding out about foundation trouble is bad news, but it doesn't have to spell doom for your Leland home's value. Experts like the team at Carolina Foundation Solutions offer the innovative solutions your foundation needs to stay strong and resilient for years to come. Whether it's a few small cracks or severe damage from a hurricane and flooding, we will find the root of the problem and offer the most effective options for repair. Our residential foundation services cover:

Signs Your Leland Foundation Needs Repair

Graphic of a home with bubbles describing different signs of a foundation leak.

Foundation trouble can sneak up on you, but performing routine visual inspections can help you catch them in the early stages. Examine your home for the following signs of a failing foundation:

  • Bowing walls in your basement
  • Sloping floors throughout the home
  • Patio or deck separating from the home
  • Windows or doors separating from walls
  • Crown molding pulling away from the ceiling
  • Cracks in bricks, concrete, drywall, or plaster
  • Windows or doors sticking upon opening or closing

Safeguard your home's structural integrity by heeding these warning signs. Call Carolina Foundation Solutions right away if you spot any of these symptoms. 

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Commercial Foundation Repair in Leland

Commercial buildings in Leland are just as susceptible to foundation trouble as residences, and ignoring foundation issues is a safety hazard for anyone who sets foot on the property and any assets on the premises. Carolina Foundation Solutions offers a complete line of commercial foundation solutions, including:

Don't let foundation issues get in the way of your business. Call Carolina Foundation Solutions at 1-877-770-7050 or schedule a free inspection through our online form today.

Trust Carolina Foundations Solutions for Experience & Integrity

Carolina Foundation Solutions has successfully served Leland and other NC communities since 2002. The quality of our repair work speaks for itself, and our track record of satisfied customers confirms our dedication to craftsmanship. If you need foundation repair in Leland, NC, put your trust in Carolina Foundation Solutions. 

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Very professional and knowledgeable. Work on our foundation was completed in a timely manner and as painlessly as possible. Also, the transferable life of structure warranty provided with the repairs was very helpful when it came time for us to sell our home. I would absolutely do business with them again and I recommend them to any of my friends who find themselves in need of foundation repairs.
- Holly P.
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