Slab, Foundation & Retaining Wall Repair in Jacksonville, NC

Carolina Foundation SolutionsJacksonville is one of North Carolina's top spots for homeowners when it comes to comfort. There are fewer days below freezing, a mid-sized population that ranks 14th in the state, and the feeling of security that comes with being named one of the state's safest cities. However, Jacksonville's humidity and proximity to water mean homes and businesses can develop foundation issues fast. Carolina Foundation Solutions has the experience needed to provide essential foundation repairs in Jacksonville's unique climate. 

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Residential Foundation Repair in Jacksonville

Most homeowners don't have an extensive understanding of foundation issues. That can lead to panic if you discover foundation issues in an old home or fall prey to house hunting foundation myths and find issues in your newer home. Carolina Foundation Solutions has you covered either way with our residential foundation services, including:

  • Foundation repair
  • Concrete slab lift and repair
  • Retaining wall repair and reinforcement
  • Leaning chimney repair
  • Basement wall repair and reinforcement

Graphic of a home with bubbles describing different signs of a foundation leak.

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

There are times when the need for foundation repair is obvious, such as when there's visible damage after a hurricane or if obvious cracks are getting out of control. However, these other signs also warrant a call to Carolina Foundation Solutions:

  • A leaning chimney
  • Patios and stairs pulling away from the home
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Gaps between molding and walls
  • Bowing basement walls
  • Sloping floors

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Commercial Foundation Repair in Jacksonville

It's not just Jacksonville homes that have extra susceptibility to foundation damage. Carolina Foundation Solutions is proud to offer foundation services for commercial properties, including:

  • Wall repairs and reinforcements
  • Underpinning systems
  • Seawall and marine services
  • Boardwalk, walkway, and bridge services
  • Earth retention services
  • Telecommunications, pipeline, and solar services
  • Concrete slab repairs and replacements
  • Deep foundation system installations

Don't let your business suffer the disruption of a dangerous foundation problem; call Carolina Foundation Solutions to fix the issue before it gets worse. 

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Choose Excellence With Carolina Foundation Solutions

At Carolina Foundation Solutions, we believe in doing every job right the first time, and we've been delivering top-quality customer satisfaction since 2002. Rest assured that we always treat your home or business as our own, and we will go the extra mile to ensure your foundation is solid and safe. 

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Very professional and knowledgeable. Work on our foundation was completed in a timely manner and as painlessly as possible. Also, the transferable life of structure warranty provided with the repairs was very helpful when it came time for us to sell our home. I would absolutely do business with them again and I recommend them to any of my friends who find themselves in need of foundation repairs.
- Holly P.
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