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Gastonia, NC, is the largest city in the Charlotte Metro Area after Concord and the county seat of Gaston County. Homeowners in Gastonia must keep an eye on their home’s foundation. North Carolina’s rugged and hilly landscape, hot weather, and excess moisture from coastal storms are all rough on foundations. It’s crucial to find a reliable foundation repair company like Carolina Foundation Solutions when, or even before, a foundation problem appears.

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Gastonia, NC Residential Foundation & Structural Services

The one upside to having foundation problems in Gastonia, NC, is getting foundation and structural services from Carolina Foundation Solutions. These include:

Signs Your Home’s Foundation Needs Repair

It’s good to periodically check for warning signs of foundation or structural problems like:

  • Exterior brick cracks: Older brick homes develop small, vertical fissures, but horizontal cracks in the exterior bricks could indicate a hazardous shift in your foundation.
  • Foundation or concrete slab cracks: Heavy rains and plumbing problems trap excessive moisture under foundations. Then the moist, heavy soil pushes upward, causing cracks.
  • Wall cracks: Wall cracks are not necessarily a cause for concern, but horizontal wall cracks or cracks at a 45-degree angle may indicate foundation movement.
  • Gaps around windows and doors: An abnormal degree of separation around door and window frames is a frequent indicator of foundation problems.
  • Cracks and slopes in floors: Cracked, sloped, or uneven floors are a definite sign of a damaged foundation or slab.

Leaning Chimney in Gastonia? Call CFS

A chimney that seems to lean or pull away from a house requires inspection by foundation experts. Settling can separate the back of your chimney from the home’s exterior, cause a separation of the roof flashing, or create cracks in the fireplace or the adjacent foundation.

Leaning chimneys require prompt attention. Luckily, Carolina Foundation Solutions can remedy the problem swiftly and permanently.

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Retaining & Basement Wall Services

The typical cause of bowing or bulging retaining walls lies in the soil the wall contains. Most commonly, ineffective drainage increases the hydrostatic pressure of the soil on the wall. Carolina Foundation Solutions can evaluate the problem and suggest the most effective repair when this happens. In some cases, you may need a replacement retaining wall.

Bowing or cracked basement walls are most likely a symptom of structural issues. We can provide a free evaluation and an expert recommendation on your best next step. The proper repair will depend upon the building materials used and the cause of the foundation issue.

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Home Inspections & Foundation Issues

Carolina Foundation Solutions partners with home inspectors, buyers, and real estate agents to provide expert foundation assessments. No matter the reason, we always offer an accurate report recommending the best and most affordable solutions for home inspections.

Many contractors or construction companies offer foundation inspection and repair as an afterthought. Don’t cheat yourself out of a lasting repair by hiring a company without foundation expertise. Carolina Foundation Solutions specializes in settling foundations and the ensuing structural problems. Our licensed engineers and certified professionals understand how to fix these problems correctly and, often, permanently.

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Commercial Foundation Solutions for Gastonia Businesses

Carolina Foundation Solutions doesn’t only work on residential foundations. Our expertise extends to damaged slabs and bowing or cracked walls in commercial properties. Structural repairs of commercial and industrial buildings have unique and complex requirements. Our team members understand and are certified to apply the most advanced solutions in the industry.

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