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An issue like the need for foundation repair can turn many Fort Mill homeowners into DIY mode, but it's a bad idea to try repairing your foundation on your own. DIY foundation repair is unsafe, unlikely to last, and rarely produces results that inspectors or future owners of the home will find satisfactory.

For quality craftsmanship that stays on budget and on time, call Carolina Foundation Solutions at 1-877-770-7050 to handle your home foundation needs in Fort Mill.

Fort Mill Residential Foundation & Structural Services

Because your foundation is out of sight beneath your feet, you likely don't give it much thought on a daily basis. However, it's still important to keep a vigilant watch for indicators of foundation issues.

Signs Your Home's Foundation Needs Repair

If you're concerned that your Fort Mill home needs professional attention to its foundation, look for these signs of foundation problems:

  • Cracks or separation in door and window frames
  • Interior wall cracks
  • Exterior brick cracks
  • Cracks in the foundation or concrete slab
  • Cracks or sloping in floors

Call Carolina Foundation Solutions at 1-877-770-7050 to schedule your assessment and get the peace of mind of a strong foundation.  

Graphic of a home with bubbles describing different signs of a foundation leak.

Leaning Chimney? We Can Help

South Carolina's humid climate makes chimney settling and separation a common issue for Fort Mill homeowners. Luckily, Carolina Foundation Solutions has the expertise to set your chimney straight with minimal disruption to everyday life. Call us to find out more about our leaning chimney residential repair services.

Retaining & Basement Wall Services

If you've recently noticed any cracks, leaning, or bowing in your basement, call Carolina Foundation Solutions for a free consultation on basement wall repairRetaining wall repair is also essential if your retaining walls move, lean, or demonstrate other evidence of structural damage. Carolina Foundation Solutions can straighten your walls and prevent future damage from neglected structures.  

Home Inspections & Foundation Issues

Carolina Foundation Solutions is proud to provide home buyers, real estate companies, and home inspectors with services that accurately picture a home's foundation. Should you need any foundation inspection services for a Fort Mill home, reach out to Carolina Foundation, request a consultation online, or call us at 1-877-770-7050.

Foundation Solutions for Fort Mill Businesses

Our experienced team offers comprehensive foundation services for Fort Mill businesses. Our commercial services include:

  • Deep foundation systems and helical piers
  • Wall reinforcements and repairs
  • Concrete slab repairs and replacements
  • Underpinning systems
  • Seawall and marine foundations

Regardless of your industry, we can ensure your commercial building's foundation is up to code and maintains integrity for all the customers and employees that spend time there.

Contact us online or call 1-877-770-7050 to discuss your commercial foundation needs in Fort Mill.

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There's no time to waste when it comes to a failing foundation. Carolina Foundation Solutions has been offering South Carolina home and business owners professional service and unmatched craftsmanship in foundation offerings since 2002.

Find out why our customers keep sending their friends and family our way by calling us at 1-877-770-7050 or scheduling a consultation online today.

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Very professional and knowledgeable. Work on our foundation was completed in a timely manner and as painlessly as possible. Also, the transferable life of structure warranty provided with the repairs was very helpful when it came time for us to sell our home. I would absolutely do business with them again and I recommend them to any of my friends who find themselves in need of foundation repairs.
- Holly P.
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